Do you want to create an oasis in your backyard that will stand out? As a Rochester Hills, MI homeowner, you can make the most of your beautiful surroundings by landscaping around your pool. We at Sapphire Landscaping believe that design and nature can be blended to create a harmonious backyard. Here are our top landscaping ideas for swimming pools to turn your outdoor space into a personal oasis.

The Perfect Patio

The right patio material for your pool area is essential to the look and feel. Natural stone can create a warm and organic feel, or you can opt for sleek, contemporary tiles for a more modern look. We will guide you to the best option for your budget and style.

Lush Greenery

Well-chosen plants can create a privacy fence around your swimming pool while adding beauty and a touch of natural beauty. Select species native to Rochester Hills, MI, for an environmentally-friendly option. They will thrive in the local climate. Color your garden with flowers or create an exotic paradise with ornamental ferns and grasses.

Strategic Lighting

The lighting can make or ruin the ambiance of your pool during the evening hours. Light up walkways to ensure safety, use spotlights to highlight specific features, or create a relaxing atmosphere using subtle underwater lighting. Lighting plans are our specialty. We create lighting schemes that combine beauty with functionality.

Water Features

Add a water feature. Waterfalls and fountains can add visual appeal to your pool and create soothing sounds.

Fire Features

Add a fire feature to your Michigan home for a cozy gathering place on cool evenings. Add a fireplace or fire pit to your home or a fire bowl at the edge of your swimming pool for an impressive touch.

Custom Pool House

The pool house is a multi-purpose building that can be used for many purposes, from storing pool equipment and supplies to being a guesthouse or entertainment space. We can design a pool house to suit your needs and complement your pool.

Creating the perfect poolside landscaping requires a lot of planning, an eye for design, and a thorough understanding of the outdoor space. Sapphire Landscaping specializes in customizing and implementing comprehensive landscaping solutions for your pool.

Call us today at 248-469-0900 for a complimentary Pool Design and Build Consultation. We will help you to explore your options and choose the best layout and features for your pool.

We don’t just build pools, but we also create lifestyle enhancements for you and your family to enjoy. Let’s create your outdoor oasis together. Contact us today.

Sapphire Landscaping can transform your outdoor space into a unique and memorable part of your home.

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