Many people are surprised by how simple it is to resurface a pool. Most resurfacing jobs can be taken care of quickly on-site to ensure your swimming pool remains attractive and usable for many years. Many swimming pools are left unaltered for long periods because of fears over cost and construction time. Altering your swimming pool now will certainly boost resale value and usage in the long term. With proper maintenance, you can drive down the operational costs annually.

Before you forge ahead with pool resurfacing, consider the points from a Rochester pool contractor below. Use these to help guide you on what to expect and which features will be best for you.

Pool Resurfacing Options

After years of use, all pools need resurfacing. This is especially true if commercial pools are used daily or experience an influx of use during certain seasons. Resurfacing allows spotting and fixing any issues while giving your whole pool a new look.

Twenty years ago, there weren’t many material options for pool resurfacing. A basic plaster installation was the only option on offer. But now, a pool can be resurfaced with various materials, from fiberglass to tile and pebble stones.

Learn more about each material and discover what suits your unique situation best.

Plaster Resurfacing

Resurfacing a pool with plaster is quite common. White used to be the standard, but now many colors are available to give your pool a makeover. Choosing a darker color, such as grey, can help to absorb the sunlight, which can in turn, save you money on heating costs. Special chips can be added to the plaster mix, so it absorbs sunlight during the day to heat the pool more efficiently.

Resurfacing with PebbleSheen

If you want to add design elements to your pool when resurfacing, you should consider using Pebblesheen. This product gives a pebble appearance to the bottom of your pool, making it aesthetically pleasing. You can find this in almost any color, from vibrant reds to shiny black. While this is one of the more expensive materials available, it is one of the most attractive options on the market, so you get what you pay for.

Fiberglass Resurfacing

If the options above haven’t captured your attention, you can also resurface your pool with fiberglass. This costs more than basic plaster, but it does provide a wonderfully smooth finish which makes any pool look beautiful. Resurfacing with fiberglass is usually a time-consuming and intricate process. Finding a registered company to handle the job for you is best.

Tiling a Pool

Tiling a pool has become a trendy resurfacing option since it is appealing to look at and easy to maintain and clean. These advantages also make tile resurfacing the most expensive material type. It’s also the most labor-intensive option to install.

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