4 Safety Features for Residential Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a great outdoor feature for homes in the Rochester area. Whether installing an extravagant pool with all of the latest features or a simple lap pool for getting exercise at home, a pool can significantly increase the value of your home. The value of a backyard pool decreases when it becomes a safety hazard. Pools installed without proper safety features can significantly hinder you and your family more than benefit. Here are four features that all residential pools should have to improve safety.


Fencing is a multi-purpose feature in your home swimming pool, as it is both a safety feature and a deterrent to unwanted visitors. From a safety perspective, your backyard pool must provide a method for people, especially unsupervised children and pets, to avoid wandering into your swimming pool. When considering fencing for your pool, you have several options, from the inexpensive to the extravagant. A good middle-of-the-road option is an aluminum or wrought iron rail fence. These attractive fences do not create too much of a visual burden on your pool or backyard.

Drain and Skimmer Covers

Broken or missing drain covers can be a hazard to family and friends using your pool. Broken drain covers can have sharp edges that cause cuts or abrasions while missing covers can be tripping hazards. Skimmers in your pool that are not adequately covered can also create a hazard to individuals using your pool by opening up a place where long hair and swimsuits can get stuck. Maintaining your drain and skimmer covers is easy to keep your pool safe and can be done relatively cheaply. Drain and skimmer covers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. If you want to make your pool look more attractive without spending much money, consider decorative covers for your drains and skimmers.

Slip-Resistant Decking

Of course, you want your backyard pool to look great, and one way to do that is to install attractive decking. However, not all decking material is ideal for residential swimming pools, especially if you know that children will be using your pool often. Slips on wet decking surfaces cause a high incidence of injury around swimming pools. Many of these injuries can be avoided by installing slip-resistant decking. When installing your new pool or upgrading your existing pool, consider gunite or textured concrete as your decking material to provide a little extra grip.

Pool Cover

Even if you drain your swimming pool entirely during the winter, a pool cover is an important safety and maintenance feature. From a safety standpoint, it keeps your children or pets from accidentally falling into a partially drained pool. Installing a cover during the fall and winter will also keep debris from falling into the pool, creating a big maintenance mess in the spring. Consider a hardcover instead of a soft fabric cover when purchasing one. This will provide extra support if someone falls or walks on the cover.

Rochester, Swimming Pool Contractor, Gives Safety Tips

The benefit of having a pool almost always outweighs the risks associated with them. A responsible homeowner knows it makes sense to consider installing and maintaining safety features in your pool area. The experts at can show you how to incorporate these features into your new or updated pool.

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