According to Rochester Hills pool contractor Sapphire Landscaping Pool & Spa, concrete or gunite pools are the most popular pool type in the United States. While vinyl-lined or fiberglass pools are also available, gunite pools usually come out on top boasting more advantages and easily offering far more customization options. Gunite pools get their name from the pool frame, sprayed with sand and concrete mixture called gunite.

Design Flexibility.

Gunite pools are made to be designed and built on-site, and because of this, the custom options available to you are almost endless. Gunite pools have a sturdy steel framework and retain their shape over time. This is not the case with fiberglass pools which are prefabricated to a specific shape and then dropped into the hole in a single piece. This can be difficult to get onto your property and have a slightly generic look.

Gunite pools don’t need a wooden frame like fiberglass or vinyl to hold the pool’s base in shape. Thus, they can be made to fit your pre-existing landscape. The construction of your pool ends where the pool does, with no other changes needing to be made to your space. Many people who choose other types of pools often have to remove plants, trees, walkways or patios to place their pool in the appropriate location.

Strong Construction.

We’ve already highlighted a few construction benefits of gunite pools, but we should also mention that the mixture used during the building process takes a foothold before construction is even completed. So you won’t have any errors in the structure and design of your pool. This makes fitting your pool quick and simple while ensuring you don’t need to worry about factors you can’t control, like outdoor temperature during installation.

Increased Value of Your Home.

Despite more fiberglass pools being sold, many experts agree that a concrete pool is a great selling point for homes. Fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated and often don’t work very well with a property’s layout. A home with a gunite pool is considered more valuable because of the higher quality construction.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when considering getting a new pool or a remodel. With proper pool chemistry and maintenance, the finish of a gunite pool can last up to 20 years. While concrete pools may cost slightly more initially, they are the most durable of all in-ground pool types available. They can also be built on various ground types, from sand to rocky foundations.

Making it Unique.

All gunite pools use plaster finishes, so the pool’s surface can also be customized. There are many textures available. Popular choices include pebbles, tiles, or glass. Some other unique features that can be added to your custom pool design include Spas; underwater benches and beds; bar stools; diving boards and slides; tanning ledges; waterfalls, and lighting.

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