Creating an Outdoor Space that is an Extension of Your Home

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘extension of your home’ to refer to any outside space, such as a garden or swimming pool. But what does that phrase mean in practice, and how can we ensure our pool’s design and surrounding area can be used as an additional living space?

What does ‘extension of your home’ Mean?

When West Bloomfield homeowners invest in their properties, they like to maximize the use of the space inside and outside their homes. Technology and lifestyle trends have created opportunities for outdoor spaces to become comfortable environments where it’s possible to entertain, enjoy leisure activities, spend quality time with your family, and relax, just as families have been doing inside their homes for many years.

How can a Custom Swimming Pool Become a Favorite Family Spot?

It all starts with the design of your pool and the surrounding area. Careful thought must be given to what you want to use the pool for and how much space you have. In a large yard, it’s perfectly possible to have a pool large enough for swimming and a relaxing poolside area that could include an entertaining area for dining al fresco.

If you’re concerned that the local climate is too cold to enjoy your poolside area for many months, it’s also possible to incorporate an outdoor fire into the design. There’s no need to be concerned about not having the opportunity to enjoy your custom swimming pool area.

The Importance of Decking

Your outdoor living spaces will connect your pool with your chosen decking. Your design will link the living areas in your yard with your pool.

Your decking can link to your backyard’s overall design and the home’s exterior (if appropriate). Your custom pool and living areas will be an attractive yard feature. By providing outside space for leisure and entertainment, it will also provide a homely exterior environment for you to enjoy.

Reflecting on your Tastes

The rooms inside your West Bloomfield home will have been decorated to reflect your tastes and often feel homely. Your custom pool can be designed similarly.

For outdoor living spaces, choices of stonework or brickwork, finishes, tiling, and lighting can all be designed to reflect your tastes. Your outdoor space can be designed to create a space you enjoy spending time in as much as the rooms inside your home.

Suppose you’ve personalized your surroundings, and a custom design meets your needs decoratively and functionally. In that case, your outdoor space will become the extension of your home that it is designed to be.

Creating an Extension to Your Home

The phrase may be used often in interior design magazines, but a well-thought-out external space designed to meet your needs can become an extension of your home. It can allow you to entertain, relax, and socialize, just as you would in the rooms inside your property.

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When you prefer to spend evenings around your custom pool rather than in your living room or kitchen, you know you’ve created what was promised: an extension to your home. If you have any questions about enhancing your outdoor living space with a swimming pool and you live in West Bloomfield, contact Sapphire Landscaping Pool & Spa today.

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