Many adults don’t get nearly the exercise they need. It’s easier to stay in shape as a child when you sign up for after-school sports and run everywhere. However, your schedule may not allow you to join an adult league, and running to do your errands looks a little odd.

You don’t have to sign up for a gym membership crunching weights when you can do many more invigorating things at home. Grab a friend or spend quality time with yourself and try some of these activities.

Swimming in Your Oakland Township Pool 

Doing laps around the pool has many health benefits, including working your body without the harsh impact on the skeletal system, increased muscle tone and strength, and improved flexibility. If swimming circles in the pool are too tedious, pick up a few water aerobics DVDs, pick up a few exercises, and give them a go.

Playing catch

Remember how much fun it was throwing a Frisbee or tossing the pigskin around with your parents? You’re never too old to stop playing a mindless game of catch. It works your upper body muscles and could burn many calories depending on how far apart you and your partner are. Plus, you get bonus points for your brain health; doing activities with others is more fun with people. You can also throw a tennis ball on a flat-shingled roof and catch it on the descent for the same effect if you’re alone.  HINT:   Play catch in your in-ground custom pool!


Badminton is a game similar to tennis, where you keep a shuttlecock (or birdie) from touching the ground using racquets, an old backyard game slowly gaining popularity. You need two or four players for a fair game. Setting up the “court” is much easier if you have a grassy yard with no obstructions like big trees. All you have to do is set up the net and hammer down the pegs to keep it up. Badminton, like catch, is excellent upper arm strength and cardio from some of the moving you’ll do to hit the birdie. If you want even more cardio, pick up a volleyball from the local sports store. The badminton net can double as a volleyball net. HINT:  Play badminton in your in-ground custom pool!

Walking or jogging

Depending on the size of your Oakland Township yard, it’s possible to do your morning walk without leaving your property. Using a pedometer or smartphone app, measure your backyard’s size. Jogging will work best if it’s 1/2 a mile around or more significant, while you can get away with walking if it’s smaller. Suppose your yard has inclines and challenging terrain; that makes for an even better workout. Walking or jogging is a great way to wake up the brain, add cardio, and strengthen your legs. Pop in your favorite tunes, and get moving!  HINT:   Walk or Jog in your in-ground custom pool!

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