Design Ideas for a Custom Swimming Pool by Sapphire Landscaping

Adding a custom swimming pool to your home can increase its value and provide many beautiful memories for your loved ones. While a custom gunite swimming pool is a significant investment, you can choose many design options to get exactly what you want.  A professional swimming pool contractor can create a custom pool for your family that suits your home’s aesthetic and ties in with your style. Here are some design components to consider when imagining your luxury swimming pool.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your swimming pool are limited to the actual space available in your yard. Traditional shapes are available, like rectangular and oval, or you can create more creative shapes, like a palm tree. You can consult a professional swimming pool contractor to find a size appropriate for your backyard space.  A custom swimming pool will allow for whatever type of terrain or size of yard you have and can accommodate an uneven or complicated landscaping structure.

Interior Designs

Inside your luxury custom pool, you can have the most fun and be creative with colors and textures. The interior will make the most impact on the appearance of your pool and the most significant contribution to the look of your backyard. You can choose from many materials and products to accomplish the look of your dreams, including glass tile, colored/stained concrete, clay tiles, and more. A professional landscaping company can educate you on the many materials available to combine a couple or multiple materials to create a unique pool & spa design.


Choosing a color that compliments your outdoor setting will make your entire backyard come to life and will help to evoke the atmosphere you wish to create. The color of the tiles, both on the inside and the outer edge can be matched or complimented with the pool floor and can be utilized to affect the appearance of the water when the pool is complete. Whether you wish to create the feeling of swimming in the aqua waters of the Caribbean or you want it to appear darker, more like a lake, the color of your swimming pool will contribute the most to your overall design.

Unique Features

You can choose from many water features to boost the appearance and experience of your swimming pool and make it truly unique. A professional can design a waterfall made from rock materials to look like a natural component, water spouts that shoot out water and add a fun touch, or even bubbling areas that make pool & spa users feel like they’re swimming in a hot spring. LED lights can be added to provide a fun atmosphere at night.

Design Ideas for a Custom Pool by Sapphire Landscaping – Oakland County Luxury Custom Pool Contractor

Although deciding on all of these design elements may seem to take a lot of time, when finished, the colors, tiles, embellishments, and water features all add up to a genuinely breathtaking custom pool that you will be “wowed” by for years to come.

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