When designing custom pools in Rochester, it is essential to consider: size, shape, and style. Here are the eight popular pool shapes and tips to help you decide which design is best for your property.

  • Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are made to fool the viewer into thinking the collection flows right over the edge. The viewer doesn’t see the pool water flowing over the pool edge and into a hidden trough, where it’s recycled back into the pool. Homes with an incredibly fantastic view are the best candidates for an infinity pool.

  • Perimeter-Overflow Pools

A perimeter-overflow pool is an optical illusion that uses water to mimic mirrors and flat deck surfaces. The pool water overflows into a trough in the deck, which acts like a 360-degree vanishing edge. When viewed overhead from afar, the pool looks like a flat surface on the deck or patio.

  • Rectangle and Lap Pools

If you have a traditional home or one with many luxurious features, a classic rectangle pool is one of the best options because the straight lines won’t overpower the property’s elegance. Those who prefer clean lines most often choose classic rectangles or lap pools as their design choice.

  • Freeform Pools

Freeform pools are organically shaped as opposed to a rectangle pool’s clean, straight lines. They are often used on a property surrounded by natural beauty, like mountains and streams. Freeform pools are also used when a homeowner wants to install a collection in an asymmetrical space that is already developed.

  • Geometric Pools

Geometric pools involve clean lines but are more complicated than the classic rectangle. Geometric pools use squares, rectangles, triangles, and other sharp-edged shapes to create the effect. They are best for contemporary homes and those seeking a look that resembles haute couture.

  • Custom Pool Shapes

Depending on the desired location and space available, some homes require a pool shape beyond typical designs. A custom pool design is unique to the homeowner and the pool designer. Such custom pool shapes may include palm trees, monograms, and wind conditions around a particular space and object.

  • Kidney Pools

You see kidney-shaped pools in many suburban homes because this pool design offers a soft, retro look appropriate for many architectural styles. Many homeowners and pool designers use the kidney shape as a foundation for the pool and build off with more elaborate features, like a fountain, water slide, glass tile, and colorful plaster.

  • Grecian and Roman Pools

Grecian and Roman-style pools are like a more elaborate version of a rectangle pool. Grecian pools have cut corners that form an octagon, and Roman-style pools have stylized corners and rounded edges. Both pool designs blend with a variety of homes.

Custom Pools in Rochester: The Top 8 Pool Shapes

When considering the shape of custom pools in Rochester, you must consider the harmony between the pool and your property. The collection should complement your outdoor space, not overpower or confuse it.

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