Custom, Gunite, In-ground Pools in West Bloomfield: Key Things To Keep In Mind

If you want to make your home more beautiful and functional, consider investing in a custom pool. Custom in-ground pools boost the value of your home and can be made to work around your outdoor terrain. You will also end up with a feature you and your loved ones will love. A custom pool adds elegance to any backyard space and makes the most use of it.

Whether you’ve recently decided to invest in a custom pool or you already have one, keep reading for some of the most important things to keep in mind:

Proper Chemical Levels

The hygiene and clarity of your custom pool will depend much on the type of chemicals you use, including the amount. Adding too much too often can harm the people using the pool, and not adding enough chemicals can result in dirty, murky waters. You will need to purchase chlorine reading tablets that read the chemical levels in the pool and tell you whether you need to add more or if there is enough. If these chemicals concern you, consider hiring a custom pool company to handle the administration of chemicals for you on a routine basis.

Pool Pump

The proper equipment goes a long way in terms of ease of maintenance and the health of your custom pool. A pump is one of these essential tools because it moves the water in your pool and ensures it’ll never be stagnant, which can form algae. The quality of the pool pump also matters because the lower the quality pump, the more energy it will use to function and the more money you’ll need to pay. A higher-quality pump will work much more efficiently and be much less noisy.

Pool Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner for your custom pool removes all dirt, debris, and leftover water inside your pool when it’s not in use. There are two different types of pool pumps available on the market. One uses a jet stream to activate the suction, remove dirt, and trap all debris in a cloth that needs cleaning. The other method uses a filtered suction that draws out debris from the pool and carries it through a filter, allowing the dirt and water to pass. The second method will require you to remember to change out the pump’s filter for it to work efficiently and keep your pool as clean as it can be.

Safety Cover

The pool’s safety cover may be the most essential equipment you can purchase. A cover will help prevent accidents around the pool, reducing the chances of anyone accidentally falling in and drowning. A cover will also reduce the number of leaves, dirt, and other debris that blow into your pool, decreasing the maintenance work you need to do, and keeping it clean for a longer time.

Custom, Gunite, In-ground Pools in West Bloomfield: Key Things To Keep In Mind

Consider each of these key components when designing or looking for ways to take care of your custom pool in the best possible way.

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