In today’s hectic world, the backyard is more than a place to breathe fresh air. It’s also a place for entertaining and relaxation. A custom-designed pool can be a beautiful focal point for your outdoor area and provide a place to gather with family and friends.

Sapphire Landscaping is a leading pool design and construction expert in southeast Michigan. They are excited to offer tips on integrating your custom-built pool with outdoor entertainment areas to transform your backyard into a space for entertaining.

1. Seamless Transition

Creating a smooth transition between the pool and outdoor areas is essential. This can be done by using consistent colors and materials. Using the same tile or stones for the pool edge and the patio can create a uniform look.

2. Poolside Lounge

The poolside lounge will be perfect for anyone who wants to relax by the pool or bask in the sunshine. Add durable, comfortable outdoor furniture like chaise lounges or daybeds to your area. A hammock can also be used.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen in your backyard extends the culinary abilities of your home. You can cook and entertain your guests in the backyard with an outdoor kitchen. It could be a simple grilling station or a fully equipped kitchen with a sink, fridge, and pizza oven.

4. Enjoying Dining Al Fresco

You can enjoy casual, enjoyable meals in the shade or under the stars by creating a dining area next to your pool. Consider a dining area beneath a pergola for lunch under the shade of a pergola. Or, a picnic table for BBQ dinners on your lawn.

5. Fire Features

A fire pit, fire bowl, or fireplace near your pool will provide warmth during cool evenings and create a cozy environment for socializing. It also provides a nice contrast with the cool water. A fire feature can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space, whether roasting marshmallows and enjoying the flickering flames or just watching the flames.

6. Outdoor Lighting

Good outdoor lighting will enhance the beauty of your swimming pool, increase your entertainment hours and provide safety. Use underwater lights to create a magical swimming experience at night. Illuminate pathways, highlight landscaping, and illuminate walkways.

7. Covered Spaces

Covered areas like gazebos or pergolas can provide a respite from the sun while still keeping guests close to the action. These structures can be customized to complement your home and add to the appeal of your yard.

8. Multi-level Design

Consider using a multi-leveled design to separate outdoor living areas while maintaining their connection. You could have your dining area and fire pit on different levels while maintaining unity.

9. Greenery and Landscaping

Plants and trees provide privacy, shade, and a natural backdrop for your outdoor living area and pool. Choose plants that will complement your pool’s design and thrive in your climate.

10. Sound System

The right sound system can perfectly accompany a pool party or a relaxing afternoon swim. Enjoying your favorite music poolside with today’s wireless and waterproof technology is easier than ever.

Your backyard is a place to showcase your outdoor lifestyle. Your custom pool design and the surrounding living spaces should reflect your style and entertaining needs and provide a unique place for relaxation and enjoyment.

We believe in the importance of every detail at Sapphire Landscaping.

We are creating the perfect outdoor living area. Our team will work closely with you from the first design concept to the final installation to create a seamless, personalized design.

The possibilities in the world of pool and outdoor living are endless. The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor living and pool design.

Integrating your custom pool into your outdoor living space is more than aesthetics. It’s also about creating a functional, harmonious space that suits your lifestyle. With a team such as Sapphire Landscaping at your side, creating the backyard of dreams is much easier than you think.

We can help if you are ready to make the first steps toward your dream backyard. We can design a space for outdoor living that complements and enhances not only your custom pool, but also your lifestyle. We will transform your backyard with creativity, design expertise, and expertise. You and your family can enjoy it for years to come.


Call Sapphire Landscaping to set up a consultation for a free design and construction of a pool. Together, let’s explore all the possibilities for your backyard. We’re dedicated to making your outdoor living dream a reality, from the perfect pool to the ultimate outdoor spaces.

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