How to Create an Entertainment Space with Your Custom Swimming Pool

If you’re considering how to use your yard in Bloomfield Hills as an entertainment space, it is worthwhile considering a custom pool to maximize the entertainment value of the area.

Not only is the pool itself great entertainment for all family members, but it can also be designed to create opportunities to hang out and entertain in your backyard. There are many ways of creating a pool design specifically for entertaining.

What Does Entertainment Mean to You?

An entertainment space can mean different things to different people. Just as inside your home, an entertainment space can mean a home cinema, a dining area, or a gaming room; there are many options when designing a custom pool to create spaces for different purposes.

Essentially, an entertainment space is an area where people can hang out, have fun or relax, and installing a pool is an excellent opportunity to create a space where you can achieve all these.

Hanging out in the Pool

There are lots of opportunities to have fun in a pool, but there are many additions to your custom pool that can allow you to hang out with friends and family:

  1. Spa: A spa is an excellent place for hanging out with family and friends. As a spa is heated, it also allows you to use the pool area when the weather is unsuitable for dipping in the swimming pool.
  2. Diving boards and water slides – Children love splashing around in a pool with their friends or family members, but adding a water slide or a diving board creates more opportunities for fun.
  3. Water stools and swim-up bar – Relaxing in a pool with friends and having drinks is a great way to utilize a pool. Adding water stools and tables for people to sit around and enjoy their drinks is an excellent way of creating a different space to hang out.
  4. Different depths to suit all members of the family

Create a safe space for everyone to enjoy by varying the depths of your swimming pool to suit family and friends of all ages.

Entertaining around the Swimming Pool

The area around the swimming pool can offer many opportunities to create entertainment spaces. The only limits to its potential are your garden size and budget.

The most popular is an all-purpose decked area that can act as a sunbathing area, a seating area, or even an outdoor dining or barbecue area for entertaining.

The addition of an outdoor fireplace can add warmth when using the space in the evenings. Including a covered area in the design can provide further protection from the elements.

Maximize the Functionality of Your Swimming Pool

A simple custom pool is a great entertainment space in itself. Still, with a clever design and a choice of additional features, the area inside and outside the pool can provide many opportunities to hang out and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Interested in a Custom Swimming Pool in Bloomfield Hills?

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing, adult-oriented space, or a space that will entertain the whole family, there are many options available to you to build an outdoor space perfect for entertaining truly.

If you are considering swimming pool installation in Bloomfield Hills or anywhere in Metro Detroit, contact Sapphire Landscaping Pool & Spa today!

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