Oakland County Swimming Pool Contractor Gives Design Tips

How to Design a Custom Swimming Pool

The design options for your custom swimming pool are virtually endless. From the overall shape, colors, materials, and extra features, you can create the backyard feature of your dreams that speaks fluently with your lifestyle. Indeed, your only limitation is your imagination and, perhaps, your budget. Like with a house, you don’t want to be “pool rich” but money poor. Here are some tips on designing a beautiful, custom gunite swimming pool that won’t stress you financially.

1. Determine and Stick to a Budget

Set a strict budget before designing your custom pool and listing all the must-haves you gathered from magazines. If you allow the dreaming stage to overshadow the budget planning phase, you may be disappointed when you realize your ultimate design is not financially attainable. Instead, picture all of the features your budget does allow for, and you will end up with a custom swimming pool you not only love but also don’t come with debt. Discuss your design ideas with an Oakland County gunite pool contractor, such as Sapphire Landscaping to determine where you can splurge and what areas you need to reign in your expectations. They can help you create your perfect pool without going over your budget.

2. Consider Your Options for Entertaining

It is essential to consider the design of your custom swimming pool and the space around it. If you wish to make room for entertaining guests and lounging and dining, you need to include in your design plan adequate space for furniture and easily accessible entries and walkways. Remembering to accommodate guests using the pool, and allowing for plenty of leisurely activity, will make your custom pool a swimming pool and the ultimate backyard space.

3. Choose a Design That Represents You

Take the time to think about how you would most enjoy using your custom pool. Is it more for entertaining, or do you wish to provide a fun space for your children and grandchildren? Also, consider your style. You don’t have to choose a pool design that looks like everyone else’s. The best benefit of a custom gunite pool is that you can make it however you want, looking however you like. Design your custom swimming pool with the colors and patterns you already use inside your home to represent your style and become more than just a pool, an addition to your home. A pool designed for outdoor relaxing and entertaining extends your livable space outdoors.

Looking for a Luxury Custom Swimming Pool Contractor for Your Project?

Consider each of these points when beginning the design phase of your custom swimming pool. Contact Michigan gunite pool contractor Antonelli Pool & Spa for a FREE Estimate to create the pool of your dreams while staying within your budget. The result will indeed be the best type of custom pool: one that only allows for relaxation and enjoyment, not financial worry.

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