How to Make Your Swimming Pool Shine with Lighting

Owning a swimming pool opens you up to a whole new world. There are many things to consider and have fun with, like poolside decorations, landscaping, and lighting. Lighting is one of the often-forgotten ways to enhance your pool. It’s what takes an average one and makes it beyond glamorous. Check out these valuable tricks to brighten up your pool in a flash.

Don’t Just Set It and Forget It

Good pool lighting includes a design and purpose. Throwing in one light on the back wall doesn’t accomplish either. You’ll probably need more lighting than you might first estimate. Start with one fixture on each end of the pool. You may need to add more if you have a vast pool or dark backyard.

Get Playful for Pool Parties

After you’ve set up your everyday lights, start a collection of reusable and removable lights. You can find floating or suction cup-style lights from many vendors. Look for colorful ones that produce light shows for a fun effect. This type of lighting is a great way to entertain young guests without changing your everyday lighting or shelling out significant bucks.

Be Considerate to Your Guests

You’ve invited people over to enjoy your backyard. Don’t blind them with the light before they enjoy the fun. Always keep your lights away from high-traffic areas where guests linger—direct light in the opposite direction for a professional look. You can also try using two lights to reflect off each other. This technique illuminates rather than blasts light.

Don’t Forget the Pool Liner and Finish

It’s worth the extra effort to take a few snapshots of your liner and finish before heading out to choose lights. Dark liners require more powerful lights unless you want a romantic, soft effect. Lighter liners, in contrast, need softer lights or risk being too bright.

Make Outside Lighting Work for You

Adding lights around the pool brings the whole look together. Tiki torches are an easy way to start. Use them to light up or create a path. Add warm, golden mini-lights to trees for a festive take. Hanging lanterns are a cost-effective way to decorate your background and play up your new pool lighting without investing in something permanent. Don’t forget about surrounding plants, the deck, and pathways.

Customize Your Lighting with LED Lights

LED lights are the preferred method these days. They can be customized to give you the experience you desire. Choose different colors or anti-glare options for more comfortable swimming. Things get creative with digital shows and even fiber-optic effects. You can have these lights installed in the pipes within the walls or the coping (where the patio and edge of the pool meet).

Pool lighting is the final touch to your backyard masterpiece. You’ll surely make it shine when you use one or more of these nearly effortless techniques.

Outdoor Lighting Services to Light Up Your Mood

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