Top Hardscape Features to Elevate Your Pool Design in Oakland County

Top Hardscape Features to Elevate Your Pool Design in Oakland County

Imagine this: an idyllic backyard oasis complete with an attractive custom pool and eye-catching hardscaping designs do not beautify and functionalize outdoor space. Sounds like an impossible dream? Not at all if you reside in Oakland County, MI, as Sapphire Landscaping will transform this vision into a breathtaking reality!

Hardscaping is essential to realizing the full potential of your pool area. Hardscaping refers to incorporating non-living elements into landscape designs – this could range from installing simple walkways from your back porch to the pool to more elaborate patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens that transform poolside areas into luxurious havens.

Hardscaping plays an integral part in custom pool design. First, it adds aesthetic value by seamlessly integrating the pool with the environment; by making an ordinary pool an eye-catching visual feature. Second, hardscaping provides functionality and safety features; patios provide lounging or entertaining platforms, decks offer non-slip surfaces around the pool, and retaining walls can provide privacy or prevent erosion.

Sapphire Landscaping’s team of landscape designers specializes in seamlessly fusing the soft curves of a pool with hardscape features for an impressive mix of natural and constructed elements in your backyard. Committed to aesthetics and practical functionality, Sapphire Landscaping stands as your trusted partner in creating an exceptional poolside experience in your backyard.

This blog post covers all the hardscape features/structures you should consider when designing and building an inground custom pool. From decks and patios to gazebos and outdoor kitchens – let us guide your journey toward an aesthetically pleasing yet functional pool area! So come along! Let’s begin your journey toward an eye-catching yet functional swimming area!

Pool Decks

At the core of every pool area lies its pool deck, serving as both aesthetics and functionality of this outdoor space. A quality pool deck offers a place to sunbathe, barbeque or enjoy outdoor meals – it sets the ambiance for the entire area!

Design options for pool decks are virtually limitless, from materials used to patterns laid out. Concrete, pavers, stone, wood, or composite materials offer aesthetic and practical advantages. Sapphire Landscaping can help guide you toward selecting according to your design preference, usage needs, and budget.

Oakland County, Michigan’s climate can vary widely, and selecting materials with weatherproof and slip-proof properties is crucial when designing your pool deck. Concrete pavers offer long-lasting durability, while composite decking is popular due to its durability, low-maintenance nature, and similarity to natural wood grain patterns.

Sapphire Landscaping’s pool deck installation experts follow best practices when installing pool decks, considering factors like drainage, surface leveling, and sealing to ensure maximum durability.

A carefully planned and installed pool deck improves your pool’s appearance and adds value to your home. It also provides a safe and enjoyable place for relaxation and entertainment – an investment that should bring years of pleasure. Planning is crucial when designing hardscape features around swimming pools!


Next up on our list are patios. Patios are versatile hardscape features that can transform how you use your pool area, providing an elegant outdoor living space suitable for various activities, from dining al fresco and hosting pool parties to simply relaxing with a good book.

Patios can be constructed using concrete, bricks, natural stone, and pavers – each offering different aesthetic and practical benefits. Concrete patios are known for their durability and cost-efficiency, while natural stone and brick patios give a timeless rustic charm. Regarding poolside decks, there’s always a material suitable for every taste and budget!

Patio design options are virtually limitless, from a straightforward single-level patio adjacent to your pool to multi-tiered designs with various activities catered to. From shade structures such as pergolas to fire pits for cozy nights, an outdoor kitchen or bar could take outdoor entertainment capabilities even further.

Sapphire Landscaping in Oakland County, MI, takes great pride in creating gorgeous patios that meet each client’s vision and needs. Our team will work closely with you to select materials, design a layout that complements pool and landscape features, and ensure precise installation for lasting durability.

Remind yourself that a well-planned patio can significantly elevate the poolside living experience. Whether entertaining, dining, or unwinding, decks are essential to designing any pool area!

Water Features

Water features are essential to hardscaping that can add a beautiful piece to any pool environment. Not only will they enhance its visual appeal, but their soothing sounds also create a relaxing ambiance. Depending on your preferences and budget, they can range from budget-friendly additions to intricate luxury installations.

Waterfalls are an elegant addition to any pool, providing a stunning focal point with their cascading cascade of water over natural rocks or sleek walls and into your water, creating a dynamic focal point and engaging focal point for guests to watch. Waterfalls come in various styles, from rustic to modern; plus, they help circulate water circulation throughout your pool for improved health overall.

Fountains are another timeless feature to add sophistication to any pool area, providing limitless design possibilities. They can either be integrated directly into the pool or stand alone as accent features for additional effect. Whatever form they take, fountains add sophisticated charm that enhances any setting.

Deck jets and laminar add a fun, playful element to your pool environment, sending streams directly into the water’s surface for an impressive visual display. For added elegance, consider installing LED-lighted laminar with mesmerizing nighttime effects for added visual enjoyment.

Sapphire Landscaping of Oakland County, MI, specializes in creating and installing stunning water features to elevate the experience of swimming pool environments. Our team will collaborate closely with you to select water features that align with your aesthetic preferences and enhance the overall pool experience.

Water features can do more than enhance the aesthetics of your pool area; they can alter its mood and atmosphere as well, from serene or playful to dramatic, depending on your preference. Therefore, considering water features when designing your hardscape is critical.

Fire Features

When creating hardscape features for a custom pool, designing the hardscape should include more than what lies within its waters – fire features can add an engaging element that draws visitors in, as well as functional benefits like warmth and illumination.

Fire pits are an elegant choice for pool hardscaping. Providing an intimate gathering spot, fire pits offer the ideal spot for relaxing evenings and hosting late-night pool parties alike. Their design can complement the aesthetic of any pool, whether rustic and natural or sleek and modern; you may opt for wood-burning fire pits if you want the crackling sounds and aromas associated with an authentic fire or choose gas for convenience and control.

Fire bowls make a striking statement when lit; these can be placed on the pool deck or integrated directly into it, providing an unforgettable backdrop for evening swims.

Fireplaces can add both warmth and elegance to any pool area. A well-designed outdoor fireplace can serve as a beautiful focal point, adding charm and atmosphere to the area around it and beyond it.

Sapphire Landscaping of Oakland County, Michigan, is your go-to expert in designing and installing fire features. We work closely with you to select an option that complements your pool perfectly while meeting your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, adding a fire feature to your pool area goes beyond aesthetics; it extends use into evening and cooler months and is an invaluable addition to your hardscape feature design.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

A stylish outdoor kitchen can transform your pool area from simply a swimming spot into an entertainment hub. Perfect for hosting pool parties or enjoying casual family meals outdoors, an outdoor kitchen provides functionality and convenience in equal measure.

Planning an outdoor kitchen requires careful thought. First, decide which appliances you would like included – typically, this means a grill/BBQ station as the focal point, with additional possibilities such as pizza ovens, smokers, or refrigerators as options.

Consider your layout. You will require plenty of counter space for food preparation and seating to create a bar-like environment. A shaded area or pergola could help protect it from the elements and provide more comfortable outdoor cooking and dining experiences.

Materials are an essential consideration. Select weatherproof options like stainless steel, stone, or high-quality wood that match any elements.

Sapphire Landscaping of Oakland County, MI, specializes in designing and installing outdoor kitchens to complement your pool area perfectly. From small setups to more elaborate culinary spaces, we can make your vision come to life!

Keep in mind that an outdoor kitchen doesn’t just add convenience; it also increases the resale value of your home, making it a worthwhile investment.

Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos are integral structures that add functionality and architectural interest to a pool area. These features provide shaded areas where guests can relax without being directly under the sun while creating visual anchors to enhance the design of outdoor spaces.

Pergolas are open and airy structures, allowing light to filter through while providing partial sun protection. Pergolas are an excellent way to keep the pool area bright and sunny; vines or hanging plants may add shade while adding a sense of nature and tradition.

Gazebos provide more protection from the elements than pergolas do. They can be equipped with screens or curtains to increase privacy and large enough for accommodating outdoor furniture to provide comfortable seating arrangements.

As you design these structures, keep the size, location, and orientation of these structures about the sun in mind. They should provide enough shade without blocking views of your pool and landscape.

Sapphire Landscaping in Oakland County, MI, is an established name for pergola and gazebo construction. We will help you select the right type, design, and materials that suit your needs and preferences so that these structures become an integral part of your pool design.

Remember, pergolas and gazebos can serve more than simply as shaded retreats; they’re an extension of your home that provides an outdoor living space where you can relax, dine, or entertain, making them an invaluable addition to any pool hardscape features design plan.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have long been an integral part of pool designs on properties with steep hills or elevation changes, providing practical solutions to manage soil erosion and runoff while offering opportunities to add visual interest and functionality to the pool.

A well-designed retaining wall can help integrate your pool seamlessly into its surroundings landscape, whether creating terraces for planting, providing extra seating, or acting as an eye-catching backdrop to the area. Materials like stone, concrete, bricks, or wood may be chosen depending on the desired look or feel.

Designing a retaining wall requires considering several factors, including its height, length, and overall structural integrity. Retaining walls must be strong enough to withstand soil pressure without succumbing to weathering effects and remain functional over time.

Sapphire Landscaping of Oakland County, Michigan, specializes in creating retaining walls that function and add visual interest. We utilize top-grade materials, and our skilled artisans know y how to erect lasting barriers that match perfectly with any pool and landscape design scheme.

Investing in well-designed retaining walls can bring long-term advantages, from preventing water damage and soil erosion to improving your outdoor space’s usability and aesthetic appeal – becoming an integral component of your pool hardscape design.

Pool House

Adding a pool house to your custom pool design can significantly enhance its functionality and aesthetics. This structure is an outbuilding and an opportunity to express yourself while contributing to outdoor living and entertainment.

Functionally speaking, a pool house serves multiple roles that enhance the enjoyment and convenience of pool ownership for guests needing changing space or restroom facilities during pool parties or when wet feet come through your main house. Furthermore, its dedicated space for storing toys, equipment, cleaning, and other maintenance supplies keeps pool areas neat and uncluttered.

However, a pool house can be much more than simply practical addition to your pool area. When designed and planned correctly, it can serve as the center for outdoor entertainment: imagine having an outdoor kitchen for cooking meals. At the same time, the kids swim, a bar area offering refreshments or perhaps an inviting lounging space perfect for relaxation or watching over children as they swim. Some pool houses even come complete with spa or sauna ameni for those genuinely wanting indulgence ties!

From an aesthetic point of view, a pool house allows you to increase the visual appeal of your pool area. It can be designed to match the style and architecture of your main home for seamless continuity or experiment with different aesthetics by adding unique visual interest into outdoor space.

Investing in a pool house can add enjoyment, convenience, and luxury to your pool area. Sapphire Landscaping’s experience and knowledge enable them to design and construct pool houses explicitly tailored to the pool environment and your specific needs and preferences in Oakland County, MI.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential in creating an inviting and captivating pool area, especially at dusk when the moon and starlight dominate. Not only is lighting critical to visibility, but making the right atmosphere can turn your pool area into a magical retreat after dark.

Proper pool area lighting serves many functions: safety, aesthetics, and function are interwoven in their design. Lighting on walkways, around pool edges, and within the pool itself is strategically placed to reduce accidents by making every step visible; long-lived LED bulbs with energy efficiency features are often preferred for this task; colored LED lights may add decorative flair at nighttime!

Lighting can add aesthetic value to your pool area and its surrounding landscape, drawing attention to its most attractive elements. Accent lighting, for instance, can bring trees or water features alive at night, while soft, warm lights can help create an inviting ambiance around seating or dining areas.

However, lighting doesn’t only apply to pool areas themselves. Lighting can help integrate your pool with its surrounding landscape to form a seamless connection between it and other outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting techniques such as uplighting trees add depth and dimension to an entire yard.

Professional outdoor lighting installation should always be undertaken to ensure its proper placement and user safety. At Sapphire Landscaping of Oakland County, MI, our extensive experience allows us to design and install lighting systems that enhance your pool’s and landscape’s beauty while providing practical illumination for safety and usability – giving your nighttime pool experience just as satisfying a dip as a daytime dip! With the right plan, the nighttime experience may surpass it!

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At its core, designing an aesthetic and functional pool hardscape design requires considering multiple factors carefully. You must strike a balance between form and function in your pool area so it becomes not just a place for swimming but an integral outdoor living space that complements your home and lifestyle.

Every element, from patios and decks to retaining walls and outdoor kitchens, should be thoughtfully integrated into its design to achieve a uniform appearance and enhance usability regarding shade, soil management, and water flow or providing dining/entertaining areas.

Sapphire Landscaping in Oakland County, MI, specializes in pool hardscape feature design. Their team of professionals specializes in making your vision come to life through meticulous project management, ensuring every detail is perfected.

Sapphire Landscaping is proud to provide premium landscaping and pool services across Michigan. With strong local roots in Birmingham, Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Oakland Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Troy; our services span from serene backyard retreats in Rochester or state-of-the-art custom pools – whatever you imagine for your perfect yard retreat in Birmingham; Sapphire Landscaping has you covered with expertise and passion to turn them into reality! Our experienced professionals are committed to providing superior craftsmanship regardless of where our service areas stretch across.

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