Bloomfield Hills Swimming Pool Contractor

When you begin designing your custom pool with your contractor, there are many decisions to make, including extra features and accessories. These options are smaller than the significant design decisions but can offer Bloomfield Hills homeowners energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and customized swimming pools. Here are some extra considerations when planning your custom Bloomfield HIlls, Michigan, swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Color

Colored pool finishes are a great choice because they make the pool more attractive and are durable and stain-resistant compared to a standard white coating. There are often multiple options, including various blues, blacks, sandy tan, and grays. Selecting a pool manufacturer who uses only a single application to apply the coating is essential. This is because it makes repairs much easier if you ever need them.

Security Covers

Many pool owners swap out their standard pool tarp for a security cover for long-term needs. So it may make sense to you to purchase one right away. Security covers cover the pool when it is closed for the winter. They provide safety so that no one can potentially fall in the pool, and they are low-maintenance and look a lot better than tarp covers.

Automatic Covers

One thing that may frustrate you when you use your pool is having to wind up the cover every time you use it and close up the pool. Automatic covers are great at keeping out debris, maintaining the water temperature, and protecting it against unwanted guests. However, if you have a customized or freeform-shaped pool, the track that slides the cover will need to be installed on top of the surrounding patio, which may be very unappealing to some pool owners.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar covers are excellent at extending the use of your pool past the summer season. They retain the heat at night from the sun absorbed during the day and are excellent if you’re concerned about energy efficiency.

Waterline Tile

The perimeter tile can make a pool pop and add color and contrast. They can be ceramic or glass and are attached to the pool’s surface with silicone.

Water Features

If your budget allows special touches like water features, they can boost your pool’s appearance. They make for a wow-worthy statement and can be kid-friendly and elegant. If you have young children, they would love a water slide, and everyone in your family can appreciate a waterfall.

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There are many things to consider when designing a pool. Hiring a Bloomfield Hills swimming pool contractor can help develop a design you love. Contact Sapphire Landscaping if you’re ready to get started!

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