Top 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Installers in Michigan

Top 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Installers in Michigan

Pool Installers in Michigan

Are you living in Michigan and looking to add a pool to your backyard? Suppose that’s the case for you; in this guide, selecting the appropriate Michigan pool installers is essential in turning that dream into reality. In that case, we provide eight essential tips to choose the ideal team for this task!

Installing a pool is no small undertaking; it’s a significant investment in your home and lifestyle. With its varied climate and landscapes, Michigan presents opportunities and challenges regarding pool installation, so finding experts to guide the way is essential for successful pool ownership.

At our pool company, we understand that the process can be daunting. Where should you begin, what features should be looked for, and how can I ensure I am getting value for my investment? Have no fear! Whether your dream includes a peaceful lap pool or a vibrant family gathering spot, our professionals have all the insight to guide your decisions with expertise.

This article takes you through everything from credential checking and pricing analysis to customer service evaluation, local climate factors, and selecting the ideal pool installer in Michigan for your dream pool project. Let’s get shopping and start making those pool plans a reality!

Tip 1: Verify Credentials and Experience

Step one of your pool installation journey should be to verify the credentials and experience of pool installers in Michigan. Doing this properly is key for many reasons. Let’s discuss why it matters so much, as well as how to go about doing it effectively.

  • Licensing and Insurance: Before selecting Michigan pool installers to install your pool, ensure they are licensed and insured. This step goes beyond formalities; it serves to protect both parties involved. Licensed professionals meet Michigan-specific installation regulations as well as quality standards. Insurance also prevents potential liabilities that might occur from the installation process itself.
  • Evaluating Experience and Past Success: Experience is paramount in the pool installation industry. Seek Michigan installers with proven success on previous projects. When interviewing potential pool installers, ask for references or case studies from previous work completed; this gives an accurate picture of their ability and the quality of their work. An experienced installer is more likely to navigate any challenges during installation successfully.
  • Examining Certifications and Affiliations: Certification from recognized industry organizations can prove that an installer takes quality and learning seriously. In contrast, affiliation with professional bodies shows they stay abreast of industry trends and standards. Both factors indicate they’re dealing with professionals who take their craft seriously.

Remember, the goal is to have a stunning pool that stands the test of time. That starts by choosing pool installers in Michigan who are talented but also trustworthy and professional. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; any reputable installer should gladly supply all necessary answers.

Tip 2: Assess Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Understanding previous customers’ experiences can be extremely valuable when selecting pool installers in Michigan. Reviews and testimonials accurately reflect a contractor’s real-world performance; here’s how you can use this invaluable resource.

  • Finding Accurate Reviews: Start your search for authentic reviews on independent websites, social media platforms, and the installer’s website. Look for testimonials that detail specific aspects of their experience, like quality of work, timeline adherence, communication channels used during installation, and post-installation support services provided. It isn’t all about stars; each review may reveal hidden strengths and weaknesses of installers.
  • Interpreting Testimonials: When reading testimonials, consider aspects that reflect your priorities. Are customers commending pool installers in Michigan for their design creativity or efficient project management? Having this insight can help guide your search for an installer who excels in areas most important to you; however, don’t overlook recurring complaints, as these could be red flags!
  • Word-of-Mouth Power: Sometimes, the most reliable reviews come directly from those closest to you, such as friends, family, and neighbors in Michigan who have already installed pools. Asking around can provide invaluable insights you won’t find online, and it allows you to see firsthand installers’ work!

Utilizing customer reviews and testimonials effectively can give you a clearer sense of what to expect from different pool installers in Michigan. By collecting as much information as possible to make an informed decision about who to install your pool, this step should help make sure your experience with them will be as smooth and fulfilling as the sparkling oasis you envision for yourself.

Tip 3: Evaluate Portfolio and Design Flexibility

Portfolios provide insight into the capabilities and styles of Michigan pool installers. Reviewing past projects and design flexibility and examining their past portfolio can give you invaluable information that may help determine whether they match your vision. Let’s examine how to assess one effectively and appreciate design adaptability!

  • Review Portfolio for Quality and Style: Start by exploring the portfolios of Michigan pool installers you are considering, looking for designs and styles that illustrate their diversity. High-quality images of completed projects can indicate their attention to detail and craftsmanship; observe their aesthetics, the finishing of pool surfaces, and how well their style meshes with surrounding environments to assess if their style matches up with what you envision for your pool installation project.
  • Assessing Design Flexibility: Every homeowner’s and backyard’s vision is distinct, so it’s vital that their pool installer can adapt to different design needs. Look at their portfolio projects to see how well-versed they are at tackling different challenges – have they effectively utilized space in smaller yards and provided creative solutions for unique landscape features? Such adaptability is a telltale sign of skilled and resourceful pool installers.
  • Innovative and Custom Solutions: Michigan’s best pool installers go beyond simply building pools; they create unforgettable outdoor experiences. Look for evidence of innovation and tailor-made solutions in their portfolio; have they included unique features like infinity edges, custom lighting, or integrated spas? A portfolio displaying creativity and tailoring could be the ticket to making your pool dreams come true!

By researching and carefully considering the portfolio and design flexibility of Michigan pool installers, you can ensure you choose a team capable of turning your ideas into a stunning backyard centerpiece. A pool is more than a structure; it becomes part of your home and lifestyle.

Tip 4: Understand Pricing and Contracts

Navigating the financial aspects of pool installation is vitally important. Understanding the pricing structures and contract details offered by Michigan pool installers will allow you to manage your budget without surprises. Here is how you can approach this part of the pool installation process:.

  • Break Down the Quote: Before accepting any quote from Michigan pool installers, carefully examine it. An accurate quote should include details regarding materials, labor costs, design services, and any additional features or services. Any vague statements should be clarified with them directly as soon as possible so you understand exactly what your payment covers. This transparency also allows you to compare quotes more accurately across installers.
  • Understanding Your Contract: A detailed contract is essential for any pool installation project. It should outline everything from the scope of work and timeline, payment schedules, and any changes or contingencies, all the way down to each party’s responsibilities in case of unexpected issues or delays. Seek legal advice if necessary, as being comfortable and confident is key when signing legally binding contracts.
  • Avoid Hidden Costs: Be wary of Michigan pool installers offering significantly lower quotes, as this could indicate hidden costs down the line. Always inquire about potential extra expenses like landscaping restoration, fencing services, or maintenance contracts, as a reputable installer will inform you of all associated expenses related to your pool installation project.

Understanding pricing and contract details will facilitate smooth collaboration with pool installers in Michigan. Doing so allows you to budget efficiently while forging trusting relationships.

Tip 5: Prioritize Communication and Customer Service

Effective communication and customer service are cornerstones of a positive pool installation experience. When selecting pool installers in Michigan, assessing how they handle communication and service from initial contact to project completion is essential.

  • Assessing Initial Communication: Your first interactions with Michigan pool installers can reveal much about their communication style. Are they prompt in responding to inquiries and providing clear, comprehensive answers? Initial responsiveness is often an indicator of how communication will unfold throughout a project; an attentive and responsive installer is more likely to maintain excellent lines of communication throughout the installation process.
  • Importance of Ongoing Updates: Regular communication throughout your pool installation project is paramount. Michigan’s best pool installers will keep you up-to-date on progress made, any obstacles faced, or adjustments in timeline or budget to manage expectations more effectively while simultaneously creating an environment in which feedback or concerns can be quickly addressed by everyone involved.
  • Evaluating Customer Service Quality: Customer service goes beyond simple communication between pool installers and clients; it also includes their willingness to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Assess their approach to handling any issues or concerns; are they proactive and solution-focused in finding resolutions for problems? Additionally, post-installation support services come under this customer service category; inquire as to what services and maintenance plans they offer once the pool has been installed. A dedication to exceptional customer service indicates a pool installer who values his clients while standing behind his work.

Prioritizing communication and customer service when selecting pool installers in Michigan can significantly impact your satisfaction with the pool installation process, leading to a smoother, more transparent journey towards creating your dream pool.

Tip 6: Check for Warranty and Post-Installation Support

Considerations should always include a comprehensive warranty and post-installation support when selecting pool installers in Michigan for peace of mind and the future maintenance and care of your pool. Let’s look at what to search for when making this important choice.

  • Understanding Warranty Coverage: Inquire about the warranties offered by Michigan pool installers. A comprehensive warranty should cover potential problems with the pool’s structure, plumbing, and equipment, as well as how long each warranty lasts and under what conditions. Ensure you know what items and circumstances voiding a warranty might occur; any reputable pool installer should offer warranties reflecting confidence in their work quality.
  • Evaluating Post-Installation Support: Once your pool is installed, you may require guidance in terms of maintenance or experience issues that need professional intervention. Assess what post-installation support is available. Do pool installers in Michigan provide maintenance services, or are they easily reachable when troubleshooting occurs? A reliable installer’s commitment to customer satisfaction and work longevity will be evidenced through reliable post-installation support.
  • Preparing for Long-Term Maintenance: Communicating long-term maintenance requirements to your installer is also beneficial, and understanding what upkeep needs to be performed on your pool can help you plan accordingly. Some installers offer maintenance packages or can recommend reliable service providers; this proactive step can save both time and ensure that it remains in prime condition for years.

Checking for reliable warranties and post-installation support services when choosing pool installers in Michigan is of utmost importance. Not only will this protect your investment, but it will also contribute to a manageable pool ownership experience.

Tip 7: Investigate Compliance with Safety and Building Codes

Ensuring your pool complies with all relevant building and safety codes is more than a legal necessity; it’s also essential for long-term safety and longevity. When selecting pool installers in Michigan, their compliance with such regulations should be an integral factor of their selection criteria.

  • Understanding Local Regulations: Every area in Michigan has specific safety and building codes governing pool construction. Please make yourself familiar with these codes or consult knowledgeable pool installers familiar with them before beginning construction of your pool to make sure it complies with all legal requirements. It ensures safe usage for recreational and legal reasons. Compliance ensures your pool remains both enjoyable and safe to use!
  • Assessing Code Compliance: During discussions with potential pool installers, inquire about their procedures for complying with local building and safety codes. A reputable installer should be able to outline their process for obtaining permits and inspections and their knowledge of any particular codes that apply in your region – this demonstrates their professional status and responsibility as an installer.
  • Importance of Inspections: Michigan pool installers should facilitate regular inspections during construction to verify compliance with all codes and standards for safety. Be sure to select an installer who can efficiently manage these inspections to ensure compliance while contributing to your pool’s overall quality and safety.

Compliance with safety and building codes is vital when choosing pool installers in Michigan. Doing this ensures that your pool is beautiful and meets all applicable safety and building code regulations.

Tip 8: Consider Local Expertise and Climate Adaptability

Selecting pool installers in Michigan who possess local knowledge and understand Michigan’s specific climate conditions is essential to a successful pool installation project. Let’s explore why such local knowledge is so crucial.

  • Value of Local Expertise: Pool installers in Michigan who possess local expertise are equipped to manage any challenges or opportunities their region presents, such as soil types, weather patterns, and seasonal differences, that might impact pool installation or maintenance more effectively than their counterparts without this local knowledge. A professional with this local knowledge can also better anticipate any issues caused by the characteristics of their surrounding environment arising from being installed close by.
  • Adapting to Michigan’s Climate: Michigan’s climate presents unique challenges regarding pool installation and long-term sustainability. From freezing winter temperatures to scorching summer heat waves, materials, and construction methods must be appropriate for these climate conditions. Experienced pool installers in Michigan will recommend designs and materials to withstand these varied climate conditions, ensuring your pool remains beautiful year-round.
  • Navigating Local Resources and Suppliers: Installers familiar with their region often have established relationships with local suppliers and subcontractors, which can be invaluable for finding quality materials and reliable workmanship. Furthermore, being local means having more knowledge of any local regulations or requirements related to pool installation, which could simplify permitting processes.

Considering local expertise and climate adaptation by pool installers in Michigan is vital in creating an exquisite oasis that stands the test of time in its environment. An expert installer will offer a pool that looks incredible and is durable enough for Michigan’s unique conditions. A local specialist will give you an attractive retreat while adding value and resilience to your home.

Looking for Pool Installers in Michigan?

As we conclude our guide, “Top 8 Tips for Selecting Installers in Michigan,” we hope our insights have provided you with enough knowledge and confidence to make an informed decision for your pool installation project. Remember, selecting an installer who meets all your requirements can turn your dream pool into reality while making installation pleasant.

Recapping Our Journey: In our last installment, we covered essential tips to ensure you find a pool installer who meets your vision and expectations for pool installation in Michigan. These guidelines aim to ensure you choose an experienced team of pool installers with whom your vision and expectations can align seamlessly.

Step Two of Your Pool Installation Journey: Now that you’ve gained all these insights, it’s time to take the next step in your installation journey. Explore potential installers by researching, reaching out, and engaging them directly. Keep these guidelines in mind when making your decisions.

Sapphire Landscaping’s Call to Action for Michigan Residents: Are you searching for reliable, experienced pool installers in Michigan? Consider Sapphire Landscaping! Our experienced professionals specialize in creating customized poolscapes that reflect your style while adding elegance to outdoor living spaces. Reach Out To Us Now At Sapphire Landscaping To Discuss Your Installation Project and Bring Your Vision Into Reality Carefully

Thank you for joining us on this informative journey, and we are looking forward to an easy and satisfying pool installation experience!

Contact us at 248-469-0900 to discover why we are the preferred pool installer in Michigan —it could just be one call away!

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Discovering the Best Gunite Pool Builders Near You

Discovering the Best Gunite Pool Builders Near You

Best Gunite Pool Builders Near You

Welcome to the world of custom in-ground pools, where design meets durability and dreams become a reality. Of the various options available for your backyard oasis, gunite pools stand out as popular choices among homeowners due to their versatility and long-term quality. In this guide, we’ll delve into their advantages so you can make informed decisions regarding their use. Understanding their foundational components will enable you to appreciate their value while making informed choices throughout your pool-building journey.

Your journey toward creating your ideal backyard retreat begins by selecting the ideal gunite pool builder. This decision involves more than finding a contractor; it means finding someone who can bring your vision into reality while ensuring every detail is flawlessly crafted, from initial design to final landscaping touches. Finding that builder should be seamless and enjoyable! In this guide, we hope to equip you with the knowledge and insights to navigate gunite pool construction successfully and identify those builders who will deliver according to your expectations.

We will walk you through all the complexities of gunite pools, from understanding their construction to selecting suitable materials and designs to suit your needs. Additionally, we provide tips for finding reliable builders near you and ways to evaluate their work to make sure you make an informed decision for your home. Our mission is to make owning an impressive gunite pool as straightforward and enjoyable as possible so that you can enjoy this long-lasting and stunning addition to your property!

Understanding Gunite Pools

Gunite pools, constructed using a mix of cement, sand, and water applied via a high-pressure hose, offer homeowners plenty of customization in shape, size, and design, making them popular choices among homeowners. Gunite stands out from other materials by being highly durable and providing longevity, allowing for the creation of unique custom pool designs that blend with any landscape effortlessly.

There are numerous advantages to opting for a gunite pool. Their durability cannot be rivaled, thanks to their robust construction that resists wear and tear for many years to come. Customization options also present themselves; you can have any shape you desire, from rectangular to freeform designs with natural rock features, all made possible through gunite construction. They have endless aesthetic possibilities thanks to plaster tiles or stones used as finishes on their interior linings!

Before embarking on a gunite pool installation journey, it’s essential to consider certain factors carefully. Budgeting for a gunite pool includes initial construction costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Although gunite pools require an initial, more significant investment upfront, their longevity and impact on property value make them cost-effective. Regular cleaning and chemical balancing maintenance must also occur to keep it looking its best; knowing these details beforehand ensures you contact a gunite pool builder near you for advice and consultation services before making this journey!

How to Find Gunite Pool Builders in Your Area

Beginning your search for gunite pool builders near you may initially seem intimidating, but with proper preparation, it can become an effortless and successful endeavor. Start your research online; searching ‘gunite pool builders near me’ should give you a list of potential contractors in your area. However, don’t rely solely on search results; it’s crucial not just to rely on these search results but to conduct additional research, such as visiting each builder’s website, reading about their services offered, and viewing previous project portfolios, to gain a truer sense of each builder’s style and quality of work before making any final decisions about who to hire.

Social proof can be an invaluable asset when selecting a gunite pool builder. Consult customer reviews on independent review sites, social media channels, and the builders’ websites, paying close attention to comments regarding quality, timeliness, communication, and post-installation support. Word-of-mouth recommendations also serve as an excellent source of insight; ask friends, family, or neighbors with gunite pools about their experiences and if they know any reliable pool builders in your area who might provide some recommendations based on personal accounts shared by others who own similar pools about what their experiences reveal about the reliability and professionalism of local pool builders.

Evaluating the online presence of gunite pool builders is vital to your selection process. A website offering comprehensive details about services, past projects, and clear contact information speaks volumes about their professionalism. In addition, active social media profiles where builders share current projects while engaging customers are another indication of commitment and customer satisfaction from this builder. As you review these resources, remember your individual needs and preferences when shortlisting builders that could bring your dream gunite pool visions to fruition.

Qualities of a Great Gunite Pool Builder Near You

Finding an exceptional gunite pool builder requires searching beyond the initial search results for “gunite pool builders near me.” A top-quality builder stands out by their experience and expertise in crafting gunite pools; look for builders with proven success on numerous successful projects, particularly those familiar with different soil types, landscape challenges, climate considerations, and structural requirements. This way, your pool will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will be structurally sound as well. Review their portfolio to understand their proficiency across pool design styles and complexities and find the best candidate!

One important consideration when hiring a pool builder is licensing and insurance. A trustworthy gunite pool builder will hold all relevant licenses to operate in your area, guaranteeing compliance with local building codes and industry standards. At the same time, insurance will safeguard you in case of accidents or unexpected damage during construction. Don’t hesitate to request proof of licensure and insurance from potential builders; any reputable builder should always be forthcoming with this information.

Excellent customer service and communication are the cornerstones of an excellent gunite pool builder. Constructing a pool requires teamwork; meetings should take place regularly to discuss updates and seek personalized advice while welcoming new ideas from you and providing professional guidance for achieving your vision. Furthermore, post-installation support should also be considered; an exceptional builder will offer clear instructions for pool maintenance while being readily available should any problems arise, qualities that ensure an enjoyable pool-building experience from start to finish.

Gunite Pool Builders Near You: Making the Final Decision 

After conducting thorough research and consulting sessions, it’s time to select one of the ‘gunite pool builders near me’ for final selection. This step requires a careful comparison between quotes and services offered by each builder you are considering; don’t just focus on price but instead look closely at each quote’s inclusions of materials, design features, construction timeframe, and aftercare services. While lower prices might seem attractive, cost-match value must be offered to ensure an investment with lasting returns.

If possible, visit some of your pool builders’ completed projects. Witnessing firsthand can give a clearer sense of their craftsmanship and quality; pay particular attention to finishes, integration into surrounding landscapes, and overall design execution. Speak with past clients of these builders, as getting direct insight from past customers is invaluable in gauging the reliability and longevity of pools constructed by them.

Trust your instincts: the importance of feeling comfortable and confident with the gunite pool builder you choose should not be understated. Please take note of any communication, responsiveness to queries, and overall comfort level with their professional approach when selecting your builder; this project marks more than a transaction; it marks the start of a significant project in your home. Choosing an excellent builder will give you stunning pool designs and ensure an enjoyable construction process and a fulfilling experience. – This final decision requires practical and emotional factors to bring about your dream pool project successfully!

Gunite Pool Builders Near You: Conclusion

As we bring this comprehensive guide on finding the ideal gunite pool builders near you to an end, it’s essential to acknowledge what lies ahead for you and your journey. Selecting a gunite pool builder isn’t just about adding luxury and creating memories with family and friends; it should also provide the tools necessary for making informed decisions to ensure an easy building experience! This information will arm you with everything necessary to make a sound decision to make this experience as smooth and pleasurable as possible.

Now that you understand the critical aspects of gunite pools, from their construction to what makes an outstanding builder, it is time to begin your search for one. Take your time conducting thorough research, comparing different builders, and trusting your instincts; all are integral steps toward finding a builder who meets and exceeds your expectations with beautiful, high-quality pools that will enhance your home for many years.

Begin your journey today—contact gunite pool builders near you, ask them questions, and begin the exciting process of making your backyard oasis a reality! With proper preparation and an understanding of what to look for, you are well on your way toward enjoying an idyllic backyard retreat! Thank you for being part of this adventure. Best of luck finding a gunite pool builder who can create it!

Contact Sapphire Landscaping: Your Go-To Gunite Pool Builders in Oakland County

Are you living in Oakland County, Michigan, and dreaming of an eye-catching custom gunite pool? Sapphire Landscaping’s team of expert builders specializes in creating breathtaking backyard retreats using custom gunite pools built to the highest quality standards—visually appealing and built to endure years of enjoyment! Pool ownership can be a significant investment; our commitment to excellence ensures it will pay dividends for years to come!

Choosing Sapphire Landscaping means choosing a partner who understands and shares your vision while working tirelessly to bring it into reality. Our design process is collaborative and tailored specifically for your unique needs and preferences; from the initial consultation to the final reveal, we are with you every step, offering a seamless and stress-free experience. With thousands of satisfied customers in Oakland County alone, our portfolio attests to our quality, creativity, and customer service excellence.

Don’t delay creating the backyard oasis you have always imagined; contact Sapphire Landscaping today and book your consultation. Contact us at 248-469-0900 to find out why we are the preferred gunite pool builders in Oakland County—it could just be one call away!

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Custom Pools in Michigan: Building Your Backyard Paradise

Custom Pools in Michigan: Building Your Backyard Paradise

Custom Pools in Michigan

Are you a Michigan homeowner dreaming of turning your backyard into a relaxing and enjoyable oasis? Well, you aren’t alone; many of us are turning our sights towards our backyards and envisioning a beautiful oasis suitable for recreation, relaxation, and creating lasting memories, at the center of which lies custom pools—one way of adding luxury and enjoyment to our homes!

At Sapphire Landscaping, we understand that a pool can be more than a water feature; it’s a lifestyle change and a place for family and friends to congregate and retreat during long summer days or crisp autumn evenings. But before diving in headfirst, let’s discuss what it takes to bring custom pools to Michigan. From design details through installation processes, we’re here to guide you in building your backyard paradise together. So please grab a cup of coffee and begin this exciting journey together!

Understanding the Appeal of Custom Pools in Michigan

Why are custom pools so popular in Michigan? It isn’t simply to beat the summer heat; custom pools serve a broader purpose. We value outdoor living here and having your custom pool become the centerpiece of backyard fun and relaxation—creating your oasis outside your door!

Start by considering Michigan’s diversity, from urban backyards to sprawling rural spaces. Custom pools in Michigan aren’t prefabricated; each is tailored specifically to your space and desired aesthetics. Whether that means sleek modern designs for urban living or natural lagoon-style pools to blend with rural scenery, there will surely be one suitable design to meet every taste!

Custom pools give us the ability to add our flair. Custom pools allow us to add features that suit our lifestyle, such as an evening firepit for those cool evenings or swim-up bars for weekend parties. Your imagination is the limit with custom pools.

Wellness and fitness. Michiganders are increasingly using their pools to stay healthy and active. From lap pools for morning workouts to therapeutic spa features for relaxation, your pool can be designed to support your wellness goals.

At its core, custom pools in Michigan appeal to their ability to enhance your living space, reflect your style, and provide a versatile space for relaxation, entertainment, and health. That’s why Sapphire Landscaping sees more homeowners opting for customized aquatic retreats—it’s like making dreams come true right in their backyards!

Key Considerations Before Building a Custom Pool in Michigan

Are you exploring custom pool projects here in Michigan? That is fantastic news! Before embarking on any exciting adventure, several key points must be considered before beginning this venture. Not just picking out designs and beginning construction but understanding essential considerations is also a factor here. Here are the essentials:

  • Your Budget: As we start discussing numbers, let’s get practical. How much are you willing to invest in creating the backyard paradise you envision? Be mindful not just of initial build costs but of long-term maintenance costs, too. Sapphire Landscaping believes in having open discussions regarding budgets to ensure your dream pool doesn’t become expensive!
  • Your Yard’s Layout: Each yard has unique qualities; slopes, soil type, and existing landscaping are just some of the factors to remember when planning where a pool should go. These elements determine where your pool can go and how it integrates with existing outdoor spaces, and zoning laws and regulations in Michigan can also impact this decision.
  • Design Preferences: What are you envisioning for your pool design? From an intimate lap pool to an all-inclusive play area and even sophisticated infinity pools, your design choice should reflect your lifestyle and how you intend to utilize the space – make it personal!
  • Michigan Climate: Michigan weather can be unpredictable; you want a pool that can offer equal enjoyment on hot July days as it would during cooler September evenings. Therefore, consider heating options, sun exposure strategies, pool positioning considerations, and potential pool cover solutions.
  • Select the Ideal Pool Builder: An experienced team is key when selecting a builder to meet your vision for pool installation, from procuring permits to adding landscaping touches. Finding the right team will assist with managing all complexities related to pool installation smoothly.
  • Timeline: Great things take time, especially in custom pools. Establishing an achievable timeline helps set expectations accurately while assuring quality workmanship over speedy completion.

Adding a custom pool to your Michigan home can be exciting, yet taking the time to plan will ensure a pool that reflects both your lifestyle and will bring years of joy.

Designing Your Custom Pool in Michigan: Tips and Trends

Let’s get into the exciting part of custom pools in Michigan: design! From a serene oasis to a lively entertainment hub, design sets the stage. At Sapphire Landscaping, we have seen various trends and have put together some top tips that can assist in this process:

  • Blend with Your Home’s Aesthetic: Ensure the pool fits your home’s aesthetic for maximum impact. Design should complement its surroundings; for a modern house, geometric pools may work, while rustic charm houses may prefer freeform pools.
  • Think Forward: Trends may come and go, but your pool will remain around for some time. Opt for timeless designs that won’t look outdated after just a few years. Natural stone, classic tile designs, and neutral colors tend to stand the test of time well.
  • Integrate Smart Technology: Pools have quickly become part of today’s connected homes, and technology can make maintenance much more straightforward and eco-friendly. From automatic cleaning systems to energy-saving heaters and lighting fixtures, smart technology simplifies pool maintenance while saving money and resources.
  • Create Something Extra: By adding features like waterfalls, tanning ledges, swim-up bars, or integrated spas to your pool area, waterfalls can quickly transform from just another swimming area into an eye-catching luxury resort-style feature that adds visual interest and fun. Not only are these elements enjoyable, but they also provide visual focal points in your outdoor space that add something special.
  • Consider Your Surrounds: Your pool should blend seamlessly into its environment for optimal performance. When considering how the landscape affects its aesthetics—for instance, whether the pool will serve as a quiet refuge or be part of an open and sunny backyard—plants, decking, and outdoor seating areas play a big part.
  • Lighting Can Enhance: Lighting is an easy and effective way to transform any pool area’s ambiance, whether creating a peaceful evening glow with LED bulbs or setting an energetic scene during parties. Subtle LED lights can create an idyllic atmosphere, while more eye-catching illuminations create lively scenes for special events and occasions.
  • Michigan-Specific Features: Due to Michigan’s climate, we recommend investing in features such as heaters for extending the swimming season or covers to protect during the winter.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Especially if there are children or seniors in your household, be sure that any design incorporates features for safety, such as shallow ends, non-slip surfaces, and convenient entry and exit points into the table design.

Designing a custom pool requires striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, trends with timelessness, personal style with practicality, and personal style. By following these tips and trends in Michigan, you can create a backyard paradise that looks fantastic and is fun to use, too!

Choosing the Right Materials and Features

Let’s get into the exciting part of custom pools in Michigan: design! From a serene oasis to a lively entertainment hub, design sets the stage. At Sapphire Landscaping, we have seen various trends and have put together some top tips that can assist in this process:

  • Blend with Your Home’s Aesthetic: Ensure the pool fits your home’s aesthetic for maximum impact. Design should complement its surroundings; for a modern house, geometric pools may work, while rustic charm houses may prefer freeform pools.
  • Think Forward: Trends may come and go, but your pool will remain around for some time. Opt for timeless designs that won’t look outdated after just a few years. Natural stone, classic tile designs, and neutral colors tend to stand the test of time well.
  • Integrate Smart Technology: Pools have quickly become part of today’s connected homes, and technology can make maintenance much more straightforward and eco-friendly. From automatic cleaning systems to energy-saving heaters and lighting fixtures, smart technology simplifies pool maintenance while saving money and resources.
  • Create Something Extra: By adding features like waterfalls, tanning ledges, swim-up bars, or integrated spas to your pool area, waterfalls can quickly transform from just another swimming area into an eye-catching luxury resort-style feature that adds visual interest and fun. Not only are these elements enjoyable, but they also provide visual focal points in your outdoor space that add something special.
  • Consider Your Surroundings: Your pool should blend seamlessly into its environment for optimal performance. When considering how the landscape affects its aesthetics—for instance, whether the pool will serve as a quiet refuge or be part of an open and sunny backyard—plants, decking, and outdoor seating areas play a big part.
  • Lighting Can Enhance: Lighting is an easy and effective way to transform any pool area’s ambiance, whether creating a peaceful evening glow with LED bulbs or setting an energetic scene during parties. Subtle LED lights can set an idyllic atmosphere, while more eye-catching illuminations set lively scenes for special events and occasions.
  • Michigan-Specific Features: Due to Michigan’s climate, we recommend investing in features such as heaters for extending the swimming season or covers to protect during the winter.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Especially if there are children or seniors in your household, be sure that any design incorporates features for safety, such as shallow ends, non-slip surfaces, and convenient entry and exit points into the table design.

Designing a custom pool requires striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, timeless trends, and personal style with practicality and unique style. By following these tips and trends in Michigan, you can create a backyard paradise that looks fantastic and is fun to use, too!

The Process of Building Custom Pools in Michigan

Beginning the journey of creating your own custom pool in Michigan with Sapphire Landscaping can be exciting! The process involves creativity, precision, and a touch of Michigan charm, so let’s go through each step to bring your vision from blueprint to backyard reality!

  • Initial Consultation and Design: Our process begins with you! At our initial meetings, we’ll explore your ideas, preferences, and needs before gathering inspiration for a pool that perfectly embodies them all.
  • Site Evaluation: Next, our team will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your backyard, which involves an assessment of terrain, soil condition, and space availability. We also consider seasonal changes in Michigan, which could affect pool design placement and design decisions.
  • Finalizing the Design: Following our initial conversations and site evaluation, we will refine the design based on what has been discussed thus far. This step may involve multiple revisions to consider your feedback and ensure all aspects meet your expectations.
  • Permit Acquisition: Building a pool requires permits like any major home improvement project. We secure these on your behalf so all paperwork complies with Michigan regulations.
  • Breaking Ground: Once permits have been secured, construction of your pool begins in earnest, and the excitement starts to build as your dream pool takes shape.
  • Installation of Plumbing and Electrical Systems: As part of this crucial step, we lay out essential systems for operationalizing your pool. We ensure everything adheres to codes and meets the highest safety and efficiency standards.
  • Framing and Pouring: Depending on your chosen materials, this step may involve preparing the pool area, pouring concrete, or installing other materials such as fiberglass.
  • Finishing Touches: The fun part is adding aesthetic elements such as tiles, decking, or other surfaces that tie your pool together visually.
  • Landscaping and Features: Our experts then integrate your pool into its surroundings by adding features like lighting, waterfalls, or a pool house according to your design.
  • Final Inspection and Handover: Before our grand reveal, we conduct stringent inspections to ensure everything is perfect. Afterward, it’s time for handover, where we walk you through your new backyard paradise, explaining maintenance and care requirements.
  • Aftercare Support: Our relationship does not stop once we’ve completed your pool; instead, we offer support and advice so you are confident managing it yourself.

Building a custom pool in Michigan can be an exciting journey filled with anticipation and joy. Sapphire Landscaping aims to make this experience as seamless and pleasurable as possible for our customers. Hence, the result becomes not simply another pool but an oasis for you and your family.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Custom Pools in Michigan

Congratulations on realizing your Michigan pool dream through Sapphire Landscaping’s expertise! Like any significant investment, maintaining and caring for a custom pool in Michigan requires regular upkeep to keep it looking its best and inviting to swimmers of all levels. Let’s cover the essentials for keeping it clean:

  • Regular Cleaning: Routine pool care involves routinely skimming off leaves and debris from your pool, brushing the walls and floor, and vacuuming it clean. In Michigan, with its seasonal changes bringing different vegetation, keeping your pool in tip-top shape is essential both aesthetically and hygienically.
  • Water Chemistry: Monitoring pH, chlorine, and chemical balance is crucial to providing safe swimming environments that don’t irritate. Regular testing and adjustments will keep the pool welcoming for all users.
  • Filter Maintenance: Your pool’s filter works hard to keep its waters clear and healthy, so regular servicing of its system is key for efficient performance. Remember, clogged or dirty filters strain the system and create less clean water for you to swim in!
  • Seasonal Care: In Michigan, winterizing your pool is essential. Properly closing off the water prevents it from freezing temperatures and makes spring opening easy; once open for warmer weather months, a thorough check and clean-up should be performed to reopen it safely and smoothly.
  • Equipment Checkups: Undergoing regular inspections of pumps, heaters, and other pool equipment is essential for ensuring it continues running optimally, and timely repairs or replacements could save more considerable expenses down the line.
  • Professional Assistance: While DIY maintenance of your pool may be possible, experienced assistance from Sapphire Landscaping’s pool specialists is recommended for optimal care and prolonging its lifespan. Experts from their staff will identify potential problems early and offer recommendations for optimal pool care practices.
  • Safety Inspections: Perform regular safety inspections of pool covers, fences, and alarm systems if you have children or pets in the household. Ensuring these systems work effectively is especially crucial if young or furry creatures are present.
  • Action Steps for Algae and Stains: Address any signs of algae or stains immediately to avoid more significant problems that require intensive treatments.

Regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial to ensuring your custom pool remains an idyllic oasis for years. With Sapphire Landscaping by your side, rest easy knowing your backyard paradise in Michigan will remain an ideal spot for rest and recreation.

Working with the Right Michigan Custom Pools Builder

Choosing the ideal builder for your custom pool in Michigan is like finding your soulmate: They must understand your rhythm and share your vision, like Sapphire Landscaping. Partnering with us means more than hiring a builder; instead, you become part of a team dedicated to turning your dream pool into reality! Here’s what to keep in mind when selecting a builder:

  • Experience and Expertise: Sapphire Landscaping has decades of experience creating stunning custom pools in Michigan, explicitly tailored to the unique needs of Michigan homeowners.
  • Understanding Your Vision: At DBR Pool Design & Installations, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand and interpret our customers’ ideas, preferences, and lifestyle needs to craft pool designs that not only meet but surpass all their expectations.
  • Quality of Workmanship: At Sapphire Landscaping, the quality of construction is of utmost importance. We commit ourselves to superior craftsmanship, using only premium materials and the most modern techniques to build pools that look stunning and are long-term, reliable investments.
  • Local Knowledge: Michigan has unique environmental conditions and regulations, so partnering with a builder who understands these specifics is paramount for an efficient construction process.
  • Communication and Transparency: Communication is at the core of any successful project, so we ensure you stay informed at each stage. No surprises!
  • Portfolio and References: Perusing past projects and customer testimonials can indicate a builder’s style and quality of craftsmanship. Sapphire Landscaping’s portfolio showcases several successful projects, reflecting our versatility and dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Aftercare Services: Sapphire Landscaping offers ongoing maintenance and support services as part of its Aftercare services to help ensure the success of every pool installation project.
  • Licensing and Insurance: When hiring a builder, always verify they have all necessary licenses and insurance to protect you and your investment during construction. This will protect both parties involved throughout the construction process.

As stated, selecting the ideal builder for your custom pool in Michigan requires more than choosing an organization to construct one; it requires finding an ally who will collaborate with you to craft an oasis that reflects your style, meets your needs, and brings endless joy. At Sapphire Landscaping, we pride ourselves in offering an enjoyable and stress-free custom pool experience!

Custom Pools in Michigan: Conclusion

After exploring Michigan custom pools, one thing has become evident: having an expertly designed pool is more than a luxury; it’s part of your lifestyle choice and an invaluable source of joy, creating memories with family gatherings, relaxation sessions, and fun activities. Through this journey, we explored all of its nuances, meeting aesthetic preferences while withstanding Michigan’s distinctive climate, from balmy summer days to frigid winter storms.

At Sapphire Landscaping, our primary takeaway from this experience was the importance of careful planning, material selection, and working with an experienced builder, especially concerning Sapphire Landscaping, where you’re not just hiring a contractor; instead, you’re joining a group of dedicated professionals committed to making your vision come to life. Every pool tells a unique story through tiles, water features, and design.

Whether it is a serene lap pool, family-friendly play area, or luxurious infinity pool that you desire, your vision can come true with expert guidance, experience, and meticulous planning of every process detail. Your backyard can become the oasis that is your vision!

Sapphire Landscaping can help make this exciting step towards improving your lifestyle a smooth one by creating a pool and an oasis for making memories in Michigan summers! We look forward to making that dream pool come true together.

Looking for a Custom Pool Builder in Michigan?

Are you ready to create the backyard paradise of your dreams with a custom pool? Don’t let another Michigan summer pass without taking action—contact Sapphire Landscaping and start the journey toward building it today! Our team of experts is eager to work with you, combining your ideas with theirs in design and creating something suitable for your space, style, and needs.

No matter the vision or level of sophistication you possess for your landscaping project, Sapphire Landscaping will be there every step to guide and support you. From initial design through final installation and unveiling, Sapphire Landscaping strives to deliver quality craftsmanship, complete satisfaction, and absolute excellence in its service delivery.

Reach out now and let Sapphire Landscaping make your custom pool dreams in Michigan come true. Spend summer days relaxing by the water’s edge—contact Sapphire Landscaping directly and dive into luxury outdoor living!

Michigan Luxury Custom Pool Contractor - Sapphire Landscaping

Top 10 Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top 10 Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Michigan summers! Though our winters may be legendary, nothing compares to relaxing under the sun’s warmth in your backyard. What better than pairing your custom luxury swimming pool with an equally lavish outdoor kitchen? Imagine refreshingly swimming in your tailored pool before emerging to smell tantalizing barbecue aromas wafting over. Sounds divine.

An outdoor kitchen that exudes luxury and personalization can enhance the experience of outdoor living, taking outdoor living to an entirely new level. Designing such an exquisite space may present unique design challenges; homeowners must be wary of common outdoor kitchen design mistakes that could compromise its beauty or functionality.

As we dream of grill-crafted delights, chilled cocktails, and poolside relaxation, let’s examine some of the potential pitfalls to ensure that your outdoor kitchen echoes the grandeur of your custom luxury swimming pool.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #1: Neglecting Weather Considerations

Michigan, with its four distinct seasons, provides a dynamic experience. From hot summer days to cold snowstorms, our climate can often surprise us. One of the key outdoor kitchen design mistakes made by many Michigan homeowners is neglecting local climate conditions when planning their kitchen design projects.

Planning an outdoor kitchen requires taking more than just looks into account. Imagine preparing a meal only to have it cut short by an unforeseen rainstorm that you couldn’t avoid because you hadn’t covered your grill or witnessing gorgeous wooden countertops warp as a result of moisture or snowfall.

Consideration of Michigan’s weather is of utmost importance when designing an outdoor kitchen in Michigan. Use materials that can stand up against both heat and cold, such as durable materials with weather-resistant covers for pergolas or more permanent structures, roof options like weather-resistant coverings on pergolas or permanent installations, and consider placement: is your kitchen protected from harsh winter winds while getting too much direct sunlight during the summer?

Implementing these considerations into your outdoor kitchen design will not only ensure it functions throughout the year, Still it will also be an example of thoughtful design, perfect alongside your luxury swimming pool. An outdoor kitchen that addresses Michigan’s ever-changing weather provides lasting memories and lasting joy!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #2: Overlooking Proper Lighting

Imagine this: as dinner progresses and friends gather around your custom luxury swimming pool to laugh and socialize, dim lighting leaves you squinting to see whether those burgers are adequately cooked. That is what happens when lighting takes a backseat in outdoor kitchen design.

Lighting creates the ambiance for outdoor kitchen design in Michigan, where summer evenings often stretch long into darkness and dusk can seem to arrive suddenly. By taking care to illuminate your outdoor cooking and dining experiences properly, proper lighting ensures they won’t end prematurely when the sun decides to set.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Task Lighting: Task lighting is essential when cooking or prepping food in any area, such as grilling. Bright and focused lights in these spaces ensure no one gets left in the dark when checking whether a chicken has cooked through.
  • Ambient Lighting: Ambient lighting is all about creating an ambiance. Soft, diffused lights around seating areas, or perhaps string lights draped overhead, can transform a space, adding another magical dimension that complements the glow of your swimming pool.
  • Safety Lighting: All paths, steps, and other potential tripping hazards must be lit adequately so as not to cause guests to tumble between the pool and kitchen.
  • Accent Lighting: Use accent lighting to highlight specific design features or plants in your kitchen, such as beautiful flowers or water features nearby. Why not highlight them?

Lighting is critical in any successful outdoor kitchen design, creating an inviting space perfect for hosting memorable evenings around your pool and brightly lit outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #3: Forgetting About Storage and Counter Space

Storage and counter space Though it might seem obvious in an outdoor kitchen design, it can often be overlooked when the focus shifts toward grills or luxury pools nearby. With Michigan’s short outdoor cooking season and shorter poolside dining opportunities, making the most of every moment is essential, with constant runs into the house for necessary items such as plates or ingredients creating havoc with any outdoor culinary plans.

Here’s what could happen if you put off investing in this critical component:

  • Failed Seasoning or Equipment Can Mean Multiple Trips Indoors: A loss of spatula or seasoning may necessitate numerous trips back and forth between your indoor and outdoor kitchen, disrupting the flow of cooking and creating unnecessary hassle, especially when entertaining guests.
  • Cluttered Countertops: Without proper storage solutions, your beautiful countertop space can quickly become an unruly dumping ground for grilling tools, dishes, and ingredients, not only creating an unpleasant aesthetic but potentially leading to accidents or spills at the poolside.
  • Food Safety Compromise: Exposing perishable items to extreme Michigan summer heat could pose an immense danger of foodborne illness. Proper storage ensures foods stay at safe temperatures.
  • Weather-Related Damage: Not all kitchen items are weatherproof; therefore, proper storage can help shield utensils and essential items from Michigan’s unpredictable climate conditions.
  • Reduced Prep Space: Adequate counter space is essential when hosting a pool party feast, as you don’t want to find yourself juggling dishes or prepping in stages—both are time-consuming processes.

To maximize the efficiency and enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen design, it is essential to understand your cooking habits. Plan for adequate cabinets, drawers, and counter space so that your meal can be enjoyed while making the most of Michigan summer days and nights.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #4: Not Planning for Utility Access

Outdoor kitchen designs can quickly become an object of desire, conjuring images of idyllic evenings by the swimming pool with delicious meals shared among family and friends. Unfortunately, any homeowner in Michigan or anywhere else shouldn’t skip this step because it’s just like how an indoor kitchen needs proper utility access to function effectively. Failing to pay attention could prove costly.

Utility planning is essential:

  • Gas and Propane: Installing a gas grill or stove requires access to a gas line; running these lines after construction can be both complex and costly, particularly when trying to ensure everything fits together seamlessly with your custom luxury swimming pool area.
  • Water and Plumbing: Outdoor sinks or dishwashers need access to freshwater and proper drainage; otherwise, your dirty dishes must be carried back inside for washing, and your ability to prep food outside may be severely restricted.
  • Electrical Access: Think blenders for cocktails, lighting fixtures, refrigerators, or outdoor entertainment systems; all require electricity for proper functioning, and running electrical lines after the fact can not only be an inconvenience but can also disrupt the aesthetics of your space.
  • Waste Management: Waste management should never be neglected when hosting large groups. Planning out where all trash and recyclables will go can make your event run smoother, as can having an appropriate plan to handle any garbage accumulating during their stay.
  • Safety Concerns: Failing to plan appropriately for utility access can create potential safety hazards, including incorrectly installed gas lines and overloaded electrical circuits that can endanger our lives.

So, as you embark upon the exciting world of outdoor kitchen design and dream of dining poolside, remember that planning is everything. Paying attention to every detail, from where to cook to waste management, ensures your outdoor kitchen will be as functional and beautiful as it is beautiful, complementing those lazy Michigan summer days with your custom luxury swimming pool perfectly.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #5: Skimping on Quality Appliances

Michigan homeowners dreaming of creating the ultimate outdoor oasis may be tempted to cut corners to stretch their budget further, especially regarding appliances. Unfortunately, doing this would be a significant mistake when designing outdoor kitchens. Here is why:

  • Durability: Outdoor appliances typically endure more wear and tear than indoor ones. Michigan weather, from scorching summer heat to freezing temperatures in winter, can be particularly unforgiving for these outdoor products, so investing in high-quality weatherproof models will extend their life expectancy while improving performance.
  • Quality appliances not only last longer; they work better. From an even-heating grill and refrigerated drink coolers that keep beverages chilled even in the summer heat to outdoor ovens that bake crisp cookies, selecting quality appliances can elevate your cooking game and upgrade your culinary game.
  • Safety: Superior quality often includes enhanced safety features essential in outdoor settings, such as auto shutoffs, secure fittings, and stable constructions. Such features help lower the risk of accidents when children run between pools and kitchens.
  • Aesthetics: Just as your custom luxury swimming pool serves as the centerpiece of elegance and style in your outdoor space, quality appliances can add both functionality and visual appeal to your outdoor area.
  • Resale Value: When selling your home, having an outdoor kitchen equipped with high-end appliances will significantly add value and appeal. It serves as an additional selling point, like having a luxurious custom swimming pool installed.

Although saving some initial cash may seem tempting, investing in quality appliances should never be underestimated. When designing an outdoor kitchen, be mindful of making wise choices upfront that will last a long time. – After all, no one wants to relax by their luxury pool only to deal with an inoperable grill or fridge when relaxing is required!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #6: Ignoring Proper Ventilation

As part of an exquisite backyard oasis with a custom-luxury swimming pool and lush foliage, an outdoor kitchen should be the centerpiece of backyard enjoyment. However, too often neglected in these designs is proper ventilation, yet skimping on this aspect could be costly.

  • Safety First: Cooking, particularly grilling, produces smoke and potentially hazardous gases, which, without adequate ventilation, may build up and become dangerous to health. As with your luxury pool area, prioritizing safety in the kitchen area should also be prioritized.
  • Enhancing Appliance Lifespan: Moisture, smoke, and grease can damage outdoor appliances and shorten their lifespan. Proper ventilation helps dispel these elements, so your equipment lasts longer while performing efficiently.
  • No One Enjoys Smoky Cooking: No cook wants to deal with an uncomfortable kitchen environment, so adequate ventilation ensures they can see clearly, breathe easily, and, most importantly, enjoy their cooking without constantly squinting or coughing!
  • Preventing Grease Buildup: Failing to vent off grease and smoke could leave it behind, accumulating on countertops, appliances, and even your luxury swimming pool area, leading to additional cleaning and maintenance needs as well as potentially slippery and unsafe surfaces that need to be addressed immediately.
  • Protect Your Investment: Like custom luxury swimming pools, outdoor kitchens represent an investment. Neglecting ventilation could result in avoidable wear and tear that shortens its life expectancy while decreasing the aesthetic appeal of your space.
  • Optimized Performance: For optimal performance in an outdoor kitchen, like in indoor kitchens, ventilation must ensure burners operate more efficiently and heat generated during cooking is effectively managed.

So when planning an outdoor kitchen design, keep ventilation top of mind. Ventilation not only enhances visual appeal and functional appeal; it ensures maximum enjoyment while simultaneously maintaining safety standards. After all, an outdoor kitchen designed to complement a luxury swimming pool should provide relaxation and pleasure rather than smoke-diminishing!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #7: Failing to Design a Functional Layout

Custom luxury swimming pools and outdoor kitchens go hand in hand, complementing each other seamlessly. Just as careful consideration goes into crafting the ideal pool environment for relaxation and entertainment, laying out an outdoor kitchen requires meticulous care if it is to function efficiently, failing which it may stifle any outdoor experience altogether. Here’s why neglecting functional design may ruin it all:

  • Work Triangle Disruption: Kitchen design relies heavily on the “work triangle,” connecting stove, sink, and refrigerator to facilitate meal prep efficiently and quickly. If a layout disrupts this triangle, it can lead to extra steps needed in preparation, potentially increasing time consumption considerably.
  • Limited Movement Space: Imagine hosting a barbecue party with little room to move around in your cooking area, and you are constantly bumping into guests and family members during preparations. An efficient layout can ensure seamless movement, making cooking an enjoyable experience even with multiple people in your space.
  • Inefficient Use of Space: Without careful design, ineffective use of space may result in too much wasted room in some areas and cramped quarters elsewhere, leaving your kitchen looking disjointed regarding functionality and aesthetics.
  • Aesthetics Matter: An attractive layout goes beyond functionality alone; it should create an inviting space that complements your custom swimming pool’s luxurious surroundings.
  • Safety Concerns: An improperly designed layout can pose significant safety hazards. For instance, placing a grill near seating areas or not providing enough clearance around cooking spaces could result in accidents.
  • Integration with the Pool: Integrating an outdoor kitchen into your custom luxury swimming pool can enhance the overall experience. From taking a dip and then snacking on something to lounging by the water with drinks in hand, these two spaces should seamlessly flow together for an optimal poolside experience.

An outdoor kitchen layout that takes careful consideration into account can make all the difference in its function and beauty. A successful design goes beyond placing appliances and seating; it should create a cohesive, functional, and beautiful space. As you envision sunny summer days spent by your pool, make sure your outdoor kitchen design doesn’t simply add another afterthought but is rather part of creating your luxurious outdoor paradise.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #8: Overlooking Safety Concerns

When designing an exquisite luxury swimming pool and outdoor kitchen, it can be easy to become mesmerized by its beauty and functionality. But one aspect that must never be neglected when making design decisions for these projects is safety. This factor is critical when dealing with elements like water, fire, and electricity close together; not taking proper safety considerations into account could spell disaster in terms of both design and execution.

  • Fire Hazards: Grills, stoves, and ovens are staples in outdoor kitchens; however, without appropriate placement, clearance, and fire-retardant materials, they pose significant fire risks, particularly near custom luxury swimming pools where people use towels and inflatable toys that could catch fire.
  • Slip and Fall Risks: Slippery feet from swimming combined with wet floors in the kitchen can be an extremely hazardous combination. Non-slip flooring materials and suitable drainage measures can help mitigate this risk, keeping everyone safe.
  • Electrical Considerations: Outdoor kitchens will inevitably need electricity for appliances, lighting, and outlets. Proper installation, weatherproofing, and placement away from potential water sources are paramount for successful outcomes.
  • Child and Pet Safety: For homes with young children or animals, considerations such as locking storage cabinets for sharp tools or chemicals, barriers, and childproof appliances become paramount.
  • Gas and Carbon Monoxide: Regarding kitchens using gas-fueled appliances or grills, ventilation is paramount for safety reasons. Without adequate air circulation and ventilation systems in place, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide may accumulate, potentially posing serious health hazards and creating serious risks to occupants of the space.
  • Food Safety: While it is easy to focus on significant hazards, don’t neglect keeping food at safe temperatures. A custom luxury swimming pool requires an outdoor kitchen with cooling and heating elements to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks.
  • Structural Integrity: Make sure any overhead structures, like pergolas and roofs, are sturdy. You don’t want a system collapsing during a large gathering or strong winds!

Safety must always be the top priority when designing an exquisite outdoor sanctuary that marries the luxury of a custom pool with the functionality of an outdoor kitchen to ensure the well-being of both family members and guests, as well as ensure every poolside barbecue or dinner under the stars remains an enjoyable memory rather than one filled with regret.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #9: Neglecting Seasonal Maintenance

An impressive custom luxury pool and expertly designed outdoor kitchen are every homeowner’s dream. Still, like any luxury feature, they require regular upkeep to remain beautiful, especially given Michigan’s distinct seasons. Failure to maintain seasonal maintenance on your outdoor kitchen design could result in both short-term frustrations and long-term damages. Let’s examine why seasonal care should not be neglected:

  • Weathering the Elements: Michigan weather can be unpredictable, from scorching summer heat waves to frigid winter winds and everything in between. Your outdoor kitchen, much like its luxury swimming pool counterpart, will be exposed to all these elements, which require regular maintenance for optimal performance and longevity. Without proper care and attention from you as an owner or manager, materials may deteriorate, appliances may malfunction, and their overall lifespan could significantly be diminished.
  • Protecting Appliances: Like pool winterization, some outdoor kitchen appliances might require special consideration during colder months, including draining water lines to avoid freezing or covering devices with plastic to protect them from snow and ice accumulation.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Tree debris, bird droppings, and pool water can wreak havoc with your outdoor kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality, necessitating regular cleaning to support both. Doing so not only keeps it looking nicer but also ensures a safer cooking environment.
  • Pest Control: Food remnants can attract an assortment of unwanted critters, ranging from ants to raccoons. Regular cleaning and maintenance help minimize their chances of turning your outdoor kitchen into their dining spot.
  • Optimizing Performance: Scheduling regular checks-in on gas lines, burners, and other functional elements in your kitchen to ensure everything operates at peak efficiency—much like how maintaining optimal pH balance in a pool can benefit its ecosystem.
  • Material Integrity: Protecting the integrity of various materials used in an outdoor kitchen will require different maintenance based on their material type, whether sealing stone countertops or treating wooden fixtures. To reduce wear and tear and ensure optimal functionality.
  • Safety Inspections: Conducting routine safety inspections in an outdoor kitchen ensures that every barbecue or poolside gathering will be fun and secure.

As such, when creating your ideal outdoor kitchen to complement a luxury swimming pool, the maintenance aspect must be considered. A properly cared-for outdoor kitchen will not only serve its owner more effectively over time but will provide endless years of pleasure.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes #10: Not Consulting Professionals

As exciting as it can be to create an outdoor oasis akin to one found within custom luxury swimming pools, DIYing your outdoor kitchen design may be tempting. But keep this in mind: professional designers possess a rare combination of aesthetics, functionality, and technical know-how that should not be neglected when creating such spaces. Involve them as soon as possible, as it would be foolish not to:

  • Expertise and Experience: Just as with swimming pools, professional outdoor kitchen designers bring invaluable experience when it comes to designing spaces with functionality in mind while remaining visually pleasing. They have seen it all before – knowing the pitfalls to avoid and what goes into creating functional yet beautiful outdoor kitchen designs.
  • Utility Management: Gas, electricity, and water utilities should never be left up to chance. A professional has extensive knowledge about safe installations that comply with local regulations and solutions that a layperson wouldn’t even be aware of.
  • Cost Efficiency: While cutting corners may save money upfront, mistakes can quickly add up over time. Working with professionals will allow you to make informed decisions that save money in the long run, such as selecting durable materials within budget or creating efficient layouts with minimum waste.
  • Custom Solutions: Professionals offer tailored solutions explicitly tailored to the unique layout of your yard and individual needs to ensure an ideal blend between your swimming pool and outdoor kitchen, optimizing functionality while adding beauty.
  • Safety First: Professionals always put safety first, ensuring that your outdoor kitchen not only looks and functions beautifully but is also safe for both you and your guests.
  • Time Efficiency: With their knowledge and resources, professionals can expedite the design and installation process more quickly, avoiding common obstacles and ensuring timely project completion.
  • Post-Install Support: An experienced professional won’t just leave after your project is completed; they’re there for aftercare, maintenance advice, and to address any concerns in the future.

Remember the following when embarking on the exciting task of designing your perfect outdoor kitchen space and custom luxury pool: trust professionals can make all the difference between an average job that provides years of enjoyment and peace of mind and one that stands the test of time.

Michigan Outdoor Kitchen Design Mistakes


Outdoor kitchens have become more than a trend; they represent a lifestyle choice and a statement of luxury in our homes. Like custom luxury swimming pools, they become the focal points of outdoor spaces, providing entertainment, relaxation, and family time all year. However, jumping headfirst without adequate planning can result in numerous issues, from forgetting weather considerations to skimping on quality appliances. Each error has the power to disrupt the harmony and functionality of an outdoor oasis.

Consider that your ultimate goal should be an outdoor kitchen that stands the test of time, provides unparalleled functionality, and enhances your living space, mainly if it includes a lavish custom pool. Michiganders are blessed with four seasons; let’s design outdoor spaces accordingly and keep every season’s nuance in mind when planning them out! When in doubt, professional outdoor kitchen designers are on hand to guide, advise, and turn your vision into reality without any complications or hassle.

Michigan’s Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Design and Build Company

Michigan homeowners: the allure of an outdoor kitchen cannot be denied, but without professional guidance, it can be easy to falter. If you are considering adding one as part of your custom luxury swimming pool project, wouldn’t you want the most experienced hands available to assist you? Enter Sapphire Landscaping.

With decades of experience creating magnificent outdoor spaces, we are the go-to experts for avoiding common outdoor kitchen design mistakes. Our skilled team understands the specific requirements of Michigan homes and ensures every element, from ventilation to lighting, is in perfect order. – why leave anything up to chance?

Contact Sapphire Landscaping now, and together, we can transform your backyard into a year-round paradise, complete with a custom outdoor kitchen that exceeds all expectations! Please take part in this experience, and watch us help your outdoor dreams take flight!


Oakland County Luxury Custom Pool Contractor - Sapphire Landscaping


Prepping Your Yard This Fall for Next Year’s Pool Build

Prepping Your Yard This Fall for Next Year’s Pool Build

Prepping Your Yard This Fall for Pool Installation

Have you been dreaming of basking by your shimmering pool this summer? Here’s a secret for Michigan homeowners: now is the best time to begin planning that dream pool build—not in the heat of summer but right here in autumn! Fall to prepare your yard can ensure a more straightforward, faster installation process come springtime!

I have witnessed many pool projects kick off with great gusto in the springtime, only to struggle when summer comes around and they need help getting everything in place. By working with Sapphire Landscaping and having some foresight, you can gain an early headstart and avoid those common missteps. When autumn leaves begin falling, they serve as an encouragement; starting your pool journey now will ensure next summer won’t bring unnecessary surprises!

The Importance of Fall Yard Preparation for Pool Installation

Now, you may ask, “Why the fuss over autumn when spring would do just as well?” While many begin their pool projects as winter thaws out, choosing autumn as your starting point has its advantages. Here is why:

  • Soil Stability: With fall weather coming and more compacted soil conditions than usual, now is an excellent time for soil tests and evaluations to ensure your yard can support the weight and structure of a pool. When working with an established Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder like Sapphire Landscaping, they will stress the importance of knowing about your yard’s soil conditions.
  • Reduced Rush: Spring can be an intense season for pool contractors; getting ahead in the fall gives you more time to collaborate closely with Sapphire Landscaping’s team on refining your pool design without feeling pressured to complete everything quickly.
  • Landscaping Synchronization: Fall is also the season when many plants and trees go dormant, which means less disruption to existing ecosystems when clearing or adjusting areas for your pool. Plus, the winter months give ample opportunity to plan any complementary landscaping around it.
  • Budget Benefits: Beginning your planning and prep work early allows for an extended budgeting period, giving you time during the winter months to adjust finances, find deals, or add on any fanciful features like a new pool slide. Trust me, having that extra cushion ensures your finances meet your dream pool vision!

While sipping that pumpkin spice latte, remember that fall is more than just cozy sweaters and bonfires; it is the ideal time for setting the stage for your backyard transformation project.

Evaluating Your Yard’s Landscape

Your backyard is more than a mere patch of green; it is an opportunity to craft the masterpiece that is your pool design. However, before diving in with our dreams of designing and floating toys, we must assess our available space carefully and adequately plan.

  • Slope and Grading: Have you noticed parts of your yard may appear higher or lower than others? This is the natural slope or grade of your land, giving some areas more elevation. While gentle slopes can add character to infinity pool designs (for instance, infinity pools!), too steep areas may need leveling out. With Sapphire Landscaping at your side, dealing with such slopes becomes easy!
  • Discover and Identify Natural Features: Is a beautiful oak sitting right where your pool might go, or is a small brook running along one side? Recognizing these natural features is essential. While some might provide unique design touches that add special design touches, others might need to be relocated or considered when planning your pool’s placement.
  • Sunlight and Shade Patterns: Make tracking where the sun hits your yard an engaging exercise—watch where the sunlight falls throughout the day! Pools in areas that receive lots of sunshine may naturally warm up, while shaded spots could provide cooling relief—perfect for Michigan’s varied climate! However, finding that ideal balance might require searching for one that offers both.
  • Ground Composition: Remember what we discussed about soil stability? Dig a little deeper (pun intended!) and uncover various soil types in your yard, from clayey patches to sandy zones—each presents unique challenges when installing pools. A thorough assessment ensures no unpleasant surprises during the digging phase.
  • Existing Structures and Utilities: Knowing where existing structures and utilities, such as sheds, patios, or underground utilities, are located is vital when planning where your pool should go, both from an aesthetic and safety perspective.

Consider this stage as getting to know your yard intimately. Every detail matters, and Sapphire Landscaping’s expertise as an Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder ensures you will receive guidance that provides a functional yet beautiful pool!

Fall Yard Preparation for Pool Installation in Spring

Clearing and Cleaning: The First Steps

Before diving headfirst into our dreams of diving boards and pool slides, there’s some hard work we need to do first: clearing away vegetation to prepare your yard for a pool. Doing this in autumn could save a great deal of trouble later. Let’s break this down:

  • Leaf Cleanup: Like me, Michiganians love its beautiful fall colors—especially Michigan pool builders who appreciate Michigan’s vibrant fall hues—yet leaves can quickly accumulate on the ground, becoming obstacles in building pools and more stable surfaces. Raking up leaves and clearing them away regularly is essential; decomposed leaves can alter soil acidity levels significantly and reduce stability over time.
  • Branch and Debris Removal: Look around you. Do you see any dead branches or shrubbery that pose any threats? Now is the time to clear it all out; this leaves your Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder with an uncluttered canvas and may help avoid costly winter storm damage.
  • Weed Control: I understand weeds can be frustratingly persistent. Tackle them now before their full spring bloom to make pool installation smoother later. Clearing away those pesky weeds now means less work for future pool installations!
  • Testing and Preparing Soil: Testing and preparing soil are critical steps toward creating the perfect garden! Sapphire Landscaping offers soil tests to check the pH and composition of your soil to assess if any treatment may be required before the big dig begins.
  • Staking Out the Pool Area: Now the real fun begins! Mark out the potential pool site using stakes. This gives a visual representation and allows any necessary adjustments before breaking ground.
  • Consulting with Utility Companies: No one wants us to hit any gas lines, cut off cable TV service, or disrupt TV shows! By consulting with utility companies, we ensure we know where all those hidden lines lie.

By taking these clearing and cleaning steps in the fall, you are prepping your yard and setting up the installation process more efficiently in the spring! And rather than starting from scratch, when spring comes along, you and Sapphire Landscaping (Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder) can dive straight in, making your dreams of having a swimming pool come true!

Soil Testing and Ground Leveling

Let me tell you a little secret: while those shimmering pool waters may catch your attention first, the real magic occurs below the surface. Proper groundwork (pun intended!) ensures your pool remains stunning for years. So, what exactly are soil testing and leveling all about? Let’s find out.

  • Why Soil Testing Is Crucial: Before commencing excavation work, we must know exactly what we deal with. A soil test reveals your yard’s pH, type, and consistency. Knowing these details allows us to ensure a secure foundation for our pool foundation—something Sapphire Landscaping takes pride in doing!
  • Spotting Drainage Issues: Have you seen those pools that seem on the verge of overflowing after heavy rainfall? Insufficient yard drainage might be the cause of that. We can identify and address potential water collection spots by inspecting your land accordingly.
  • Leveling Your Pool: Leveling doesn’t just involve ensuring your pool doesn’t tilt, although that is crucial! Achieved correctly, leveling ensures even water pressure across its walls and keeps inflatable flamingos from drifting toward one side during their summer flotation sessions.
  • Working with Nature: Michigan may have its share of hills and slopes. Still, our Sapphire Landscaping team knows how to work with the terrain of your yard’s natural topography—sometimes, even adding slight slopes can enhance its aesthetics and functionality.
  • Safety Checks: A thorough survey must be performed for underground utility lines before undertaking major leveling work. As we’ve covered before, safety must always come first!

But while your pool’s crystal-clear waters may take center stage, the work behind the scenes ensures its beauty. We can set a solid foundation for years of poolside memories by hiring our Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder team!

Optimal Pool Positioning

“Where should I put my pool?” This age-old question often pops up during Michigan summer days; seemingly, any spot could make a great place to dip! Unfortunately, however, pinpointing an ideal location takes both art and science. Let me go through some considerations you should consider when making this decision.

  • Sunlight Exposure: I don’t know about you, but nothing beats sunbathing by the pool with a good book! To maximize these moments of sun-soaking fun, consider which areas of your yard receive more sun; not only will this keep your pool warmer, but it will reduce shivers when finally diving in to take a dip!
  • Stay Clear of Trees: While an oak tree might provide welcome shade, consider what the leaves will do come autumn—you may end up fishing out more leaves than expected! Additionally, over time, tree roots could become curious and creep closer and closer to your pool area, causing potential damage.
  • From Inside Your House: Picture yourself sipping coffee while gazing upon the shimmering waters of your pool as it sparkles—now, that would be nice! Situating it so it can be seen from critical areas within your home is aesthetically pleasing and allows you to watch for when kids are swimming nearby!
  • Wind Factors: Michigan winds can be highly unpredictable. To minimize water evaporation and keep those BBQ napkins from blowing away, locate your pool in an area protected from strong wind gusts. This will keep water evaporation to a minimum.
  • Accessibility: Before choosing your pool location, carefully consider the path that leads there from home. Easy access will be especially crucial if snacks and drinks for a pool party are to be brought from inside your house. Sapphire Landscaping advises considering future additions like patios or decks so your space flows seamlessly.

So, while hiring an Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder and diving in right away may be exciting, selecting an optimal site truly pays off—you’ll thank yourself when lounging poolside next summer!

Planning for Utility Access

Let’s get down to business. While it can be easy to be taken in by visions of lazing around a pool all summer, we need to discuss some behind-the-scenes work that must be completed before installing an in-ground custom pool. Utility planning should always come first when considering pool installations!

  • Locate Existing Utilities: Before we start digging, it’s essential that we understand what’s buried underfoot—that means locating existing gas, water, electric, and other utility lines such as yours. Not only is this to avoid accidents—and believe me when I say cutting an electrical wire wouldn’t make my day any better—but it can also provide important insight into where new lines might need to be run safely if necessary.
  • Electrical Power for Pool Equipment: When it comes to pool equipment, electricity is necessary for everything from pumps, heaters, and lights to heaters and filters. Planning out how you will get electricity to these components, as well as where they can be best placed so they’re accessible but don’t become an eyesore, is critical to successfully managing a swimming pool.
  • Water Source Access: Filling up a pool requires careful consideration, starting from where we source our supply—an outdoor tap or alternative source. Remember: the closer to its inception it is located, the quicker and simpler the fill-up will be!
  • Drainage: Drainage is vital to any pool area; proper drainage ensures any excess water from both within and from natural sources like rain has somewhere to go, preventing your pool area from turning into the next Great Lake after an unexpected downpour.
  • Gas Lines for Pool Heaters: When considering heating your pool with gas heaters, planning for their safe and efficient installation is paramount. On cooler Michigan evenings, you’ll be glad that you put aside time to ensure everything runs smoothly!

Sapphire Landscaping of Oakland County offers custom pool installation with an eye for every detail, so when you hire them as your Oakland County in-ground pool builder, you know you’re working with people with a keen understanding of every element that goes into crafting the ideal pool experience, from its first dive through nighttime swimming and everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Next time you turn on your pool lights or turn up your heater, give a nod to all those involved with utility planning who made this all possible!

Selecting and Pre-Ordering Materials

When creating the ideal pool oasis, choosing materials plays an integral role. Consider this: the color and texture of tiles, decking that cools underfoot during hot summer days, and the shimmer of pool water against a beautiful background can all create stunning visuals like an intricate puzzle to be revealed with unexpected results. But before I wax too poetic about the matter, let’s talk nuts and bolts first.

  • Tiles and Coping: Selecting tiles that reflect your desired aesthetic is integral to setting the mood for a pool environment and looking for a Mediterranean flair. A mix of azure blue or terracotta tiles may do just the trick or minimalist neutral tiles might provide the look. Coping is like the icing on the cake; its selection will define the edge of your pool, so choose wisely!
  • Decking Materials: From classic concrete to modern composite materials or even natural stone, pool decks should look good and provide comfort and safety. You want a material that’s slip-resistant yet still pleasing to the eyes—something like classic concrete would do nicely.
  • Pool Finishes: Your selection of plaster, aggregate finishes, or tiles for the pool’s finish has an impactful influence on its look, feel, and longevity, as this will be what touches you every time you dip! Keep texture and comfort top of mind.
  • Additional Features: Now is the time to select water features, slides, and diving boards. Hence, they are complete and have all the necessary components ready.
  • Pre-Ordering Is Vital: Given supply chain disruptions (thanks to global events), pre-ordering has never been more crucial. Starting early in the fall will ensure everything will be ready when it’s time to break ground.

Here’s some advice from your Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder: Always, always order extra tiles; trust me, having some on hand could save a great deal of headaches later!

Sapphire Landscaping will assist in the selection process to ensure you find materials that reflect your vision while standing the test of time. After all, your pool should stand as a lasting testament to style, fun, and relaxation!

Budgeting and Scheduling: Get Ahead of the Spring Rush

Budgeting. Some may take offense at hearing this term, but budgeting can help free your dreams while keeping both feet firmly planted on solid ground. Consider budgeting as getting VIP access to the most fabulous pool party ever held in Oakland County. Here’s some insight from an in-ground custom pool builder:

  • Establish a Clear Budget: Start with the basics—how much are you comfortable investing without straining yourself too thinly? Be realistic here: while pools may seem luxurious, peace of mind is worth more than any pool can ever cost! Don’t forget about costs like permits, materials, labor, and any exciting extras you’ve got your eye on.
  • Hidden Costs: Unexpected expenses can sneak up on you unexpectedly; from extra soil prep than anticipated to changing your mind midway about specific features or Mother Nature throwing her curveball with unexpected weather delays, it is wise to set aside 10%–20% of your total budget as a “just in case” buffer for those unexpected costs that pop up unexpectedly.
  • Booking Your Pool Build in Fall: Booking your pool build during the fall can bring many advantages. Suppliers offer off-season discounts, and with fewer projects in our pipeline, we can give it our full attention without feeling like everyone is competing for one at once in springtime. Plus, you avoid the spring rush!
  • Set Your Timeline: By starting early with construction planning, your pool could be ready for use by the first heatwave of next summer. Pacing matters! Excavation, lining, filling—we at Sapphire Landscaping know all of these steps, like dance moves.
  • Why wait?: With demand for pool builds soaring, materials and contractor availability may become scarce during peak times. Acting now to stay one step ahead ensures smoother sailing (or swimming?) when construction commences.

So grab that calculator and calendar, and let’s make your pool dream into a plan! By planning for next summer’s pool fun, you will find yourself floating lazily around it, drink in hand. Cheers to that!


Imagine this: next summer, while others scramble for an Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder, you are lounging poolside, enjoying yourself, and feeling proud that you took action to prepare your yard this fall.

Planning for a pool doesn’t just save money or help beat the rush; it ensures everything runs smoothly when the time comes. Laying down foundations (quite literally!) for something that adds value to your home and joy to your life, taking your vision and giving it every possible start towards becoming a reality.

“To proactive planning, serene poolside days, and foresight that makes future-you dance.” As the leaves fall and the air becomes crisp, it may seem strange to think about sunny pool days right now, yet as your Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder, we urge you to dive in headfirst now with all your passion. Let us be your Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder if necessary! With us by your side as an Oakland County in-ground custom pool builder, now is the time! Let us help make this project a splash next summer; we will be ready and waiting with eagerness to assist!

Call to Action

Are you eager to turn those autumn dreams into the oasis of next summer’s oasis? Don’t wait until spring arrives; starting now will set you up for an easier and faster pool installation in Oakland County. Sapphire Landscaping can assist in finding you your ideal custom in-ground pool builder!

Just call Sapphire Landscaping now if your dream pool awaits! From initial sketches to completion, our expert landscape designers are here to guide every step of the process and turn your vision into reality. Together, we’ll discover a future where relaxation awaits in your backyard! Don’t wait any longer: let the end of backyard relaxation await you!

We look forward to being your guide every step of the way; giving us a call now will put a lot within reach!