There are numerous things to consider when designing a pool house to provide a practical and visually beautiful place. Before meeting with your contractor, it’s critical to establish your priorities and needs because your budget only constrains the possibilities.

Function and Purpose

Determining the poolhouse’s intended usage is the first stage in pool house design. Will it primarily provide a secluded leisure space or amuse visitors? Consider including elements like a grill, bar, or fireplace for outdoor entertaining, depending on your preferences. Ensure the room has enough seating and table space if you plan to organize dinner parties or functions there.

If children primarily use the pool house, consider adding a bathroom and more space for storing pool toys and equipment. Add screening to the pool house to get the most out of the outdoors if you live in a bug-filled area. Include shading options to stop the sun from hammering down during peak hours.

Integration and Design

The pool house must be integrated into your custom pool designs and landscape to achieve a stunning and harmonious appearance. Think about where the pool house will be located and how it will affect the neighborhood. You might wish to incorporate design elements from your home for privacy or to add elegance.

Consider property lines when planning the pool house, and if necessary, follow building codes. Additionally, ensure enough space for equipment and pool chemicals to be stored. The area’s mood can be improved, and the amount of time you can spend outside can be increased by adding lighting.

Guest Use

If you intend to utilize the poolhouse to host parties for visitors, consider adding amenities to make their stay relaxing and fun. This can involve a second kitchen, a recreation area, or extra bedrooms. Additionally, ensure that the restroom or changing area is conveniently adjacent to the entryway.

Make sure any delicate plants are not placed in the way of wet suits, which could damage them when arranging the pool house’s layout. For safety reasons, it’s also critical to ensure that the pool house is a respectable distance from the house and the pool.

Overall, designing a pool house necessitates carefully considering its intended usage, landscape integration, and visitor requirements. Considering these elements, you may design a lovely and useful area that improves your outdoor living experience.


Consider including storage for outdoor furniture cushions, towels, and other outdoor items and storage for pool toys and equipment. This will enable you to completely appreciate the pool house by keeping it tidy and clutter-free.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Remember to include elements that make maintenance and cleaning simple when constructing your pool house. This can entail using materials impervious to water damage and simple to maintain, including a station for cleaning pool equipment. Considering these aspects, you can ensure that your pool house lasts for many years.


Make sure anyone, even those with mobility issues, can enter your pool house. Wide doorways, railings, and wheelchair ramps are some of such characteristics. In addition, to avoid electrical risks, ensure that all electrical outlets and appliances are installed safely.

Security and Privacy

Consider including fencing, landscaping, or outdoor drapes, that provide your pool home privacy and security. By doing this, you can make sure that both you and your visitors may enjoy the area without feeling exposed or uneasy. Additionally, ensure that any priceless objects in the pool house, including furniture or electronics, are protected with the proper locks or security precautions.

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