3 Places To Get Started Designing Your Michigan Custom Pool

Are you looking for inspiration for your custom pool? The beauty of choosing custom over standard is that your pool design is only limited to your vision. Look into speaking with a professional pool design company for tips, ideas, and assistance with your budget. They can help you design the pool of your dreams and create a custom financing plan. Here are some ways to get started envisioning your dream custom swimming pool.

1. Look Through Books and Magazines

Look to your favorite home and garden decorating magazines for inspiration. Also, purchase publications that are specific to pool design. You can combine the best of both worlds by searching through multiple published readings and photos: the functionality you need from expert pool designers with the decor style you love from your favorite decorating leaders. There are many different types of classes you can potentially choose from. These include Mediterranean chic with light neutrals and brick paver edging, cool modern with clean lines and sharp contrasts of black and white, or vibrant tropical with colorful features. The options are limitless. You can combine different styles or come up with one all your own.

2. Create a List Of Must-Have Features

When you picture your custom pool, what do you envision first? What image do you have of how you’ll use it? Look at your lifestyle and decide if children will play in it or if you want to use it to entertain adults, swim laps, or all three. Ask yourself what elements would enhance the experience for everyone. Special features may include a built-in water slide for kids, built-in lounge seating for adults, a swim-up bar, and a cool water feature everyone will love.

3. Put Together a Design Book

Once you look through magazines and decide what features you love the most, start building a design book filled with notes and photos of all your ideas. You can organize all your thoughts in one place, and if you see a picture in a magazine you love, you have a place to store it for safekeeping. You won’t have to worry about seeing a design you love only to forget what it was or where you saw it. It’s okay if your book looks all over the place because, with the help of a professional pool company, you can compile each of your favorite things to create your one-of-a-kind design.

3 Places To Get Started Designing Your Michigan Custom Pool

A custom pool is a significant investment requiring a large portion of your outdoor space. You want to make sure you love it once it’s complete! If you keep all of your dreaming inside your head, you may not be able to convey your vision to the pool design company successfully. In the end, you may not get what you truly want. Start with the planning suggestions above and create a visual design book to make your dream custom pool a reality.

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