A well-designed swimming pool can be an oasis of relaxation, a place for family fun, a center for social events, or a quiet sanctuary to enjoy solitude. Your custom swimming pool should be designed to reflect your style and fit your lifestyle.

Sapphire Landscaping, Plymouth’s leading landscaping and swimming pool design company, is on the cutting edge of custom swimming pool trends. We’re thrilled to share the top trends that we’re seeing in custom swimming pool design.

1. Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are also called vanishing-edge swimming pools. They are the latest trend in luxury pool designs. The illusion is that the water extends into the horizon. This creates a stunning visual impact and adds sophistication to any landscape.

2. Integrated Landscaping

The custom swimming pool you choose should be able to blend into your existing home landscape seamlessly. Consideration of the surrounding plants, using natural stones, and creating a color palette that compliments the exterior of your home are all important.

3. Built-in seating and sun Shelves

The built-in sun shelf and seating provide a comfortable place to relax in the water without getting wholly submerged. This trend offers versatility by offering a shallow space for sunbathing or reading while watching your children play.

4. Dark Pool Interiors

Dark interiors of pools are becoming more popular. These colors can create the illusion of an artificial lagoon, and they absorb heat to help warm the water. This trend is a great match for luxury features like underwater lighting and glass tile accents.

5. The Resort Pool Design

Designing your backyard in resort style creates a vacation atmosphere. Consider adding features such as an integrated hot tub, a swim-up bar, or a cabana at the poolside to create a resort atmosphere in your backyard.

6. Smart Pools

The advancements in technology have a profound impact on pool maintenance and design. Smart pools let you remotely control the pool’s lighting, temperature, and cleaning systems via a smartphone or tablet.

7. Eco-Friendly Swimming Pools

Eco-friendly swimming pools are here to stay. These designs incorporate energy-efficient equipment, natural purification systems, and environmentally-friendly materials, creating a swimming pool that’s as enjoyable for the environment as possible.

8. Unique Lighting

Lighting can transform your pool into something magical. LED lights of different colors can dramatically impact, especially when combined with water features like waterfalls and fountains.

9. Fire Features

The addition of fire features in your pool area will create a stunning contrast with the water and provide warmth during cooler nights. A fire pit, bowl, or fireplace will provide a warm and inviting gathering area.

10. Custom Tile Work

Your pool can become a canvas to express your personality with custom tile work. Your pool can be unique with mosaic designs, vibrant colors, or a monogram.

When designing a custom swimming pool, it’s crucial to think about what you and your family will enjoy. If you want an infinity-style pool where water meets the sky or a smart pool controlled by a tap on the finger, the right team can help.

We are proud of our ability to transform your vision into reality. Our team will be with you at every stage to ensure your pool looks stunning and is tailored to meet your preferences and needs.

You can create a custom-made backyard if you are ready to explore the possibilities of your yard.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a dream of a swimming pool. We are committed to blending craftsmanship, creativity, and the latest trends to create a unique outdoor space for you.

Your custom swimming pool should be more than a place to cool down in the summer. It’s also a personal retreat and a space to relax and unwind. It is an extension of your house that should reflect your style. Incorporating these top trends into your pool design will improve the aesthetic appeal of your backyard and enhance your enjoyment of the outdoor living area.

The possibilities in the world of swimming pool custom design are endless. Each design element, from infinity edges to integrated landscaping, to smart pools to custom tile work, is unique and ensures that your pool will be unique.

We at Sapphire Landscaping believe every homeowner should have a backyard oasis that captures their vision and meets their needs. It is our goal to exceed their expectations. We are here to make that belief a reality, one custom pool at a time.

Contact Sapphire Landscaping if you live within our Metro Detroit service area and want to begin your journey to a custom pool. Our team wants to help you unlock the potential of your backyard and create a custom swimming pool.

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